DC comic book characters to Disney Characters?

If you did a line up of DC comic book characters to Disney characters who would be who and be lined up with?

Also because Disney bought and owns Marvel comics Marvel comic characters are now Disney characters however please leave Marvel ones out of this. Thanks

Oh and same goes for Star Wars as well because yes Disney has that too.


Batman and Robin

Wonder Woman

The Flash

The Atom

Green Arrow


Martian Manhunter


Green Lantern


This is rather difficult because, with only a few exceptions like Mulan, Disney characters are not action heroes. Can you do a couple to show us how you are thinking here?

You could do Robin Hood for Green Arrow, and Hercules for Superman, and call trick question on Batman and Robin because Guy Williams as Zorro is Bruce Wayne.

You know, this is a LOT easier with Warner Brother cartoon characters:
Superman – Bugs Bunny, of course


Batman and Robin – Duck Dodgers and his Cadet

Wonder Woman – Granny?

The Flash – Road Runner (and/or Speedy Gonzales)

The Atom – The Mighty Angelo

Green Arrow – Daffy Duck as Robin Hood

Aquaman – the Jerry Col.onna worm from “Greetings, Bait!”


Martian Manhunter – Marvin the Martian

Hawkman – The Drunken Stork

Green Lantern – Wile E. Coyote and his Acme Catalog

The Rocketeer for Hawkman?

This is rather funny, because I stumbled across a DC Elseworlds comic in a used-comic store that recast the Green Lantern story as an Arabian Nights fable, with “Al-Jourd-An” finding a lamp with a green genie. It wasn’t related to Disney, of course, but it was a clever idea.

Merida from “Brave” is Green Arrow.

Buzz Lightyear from “Toy Story” is Hawkman

Ariel from “The Little Mermaid” is Aquaman.

Tinkerbell from Peter Pan is The Atom.

Darkwing Duck is Batman.

I was thinking Tarzan for Aquaman: grows up to claim his birthright as orphaned royalty, and now uses some inhuman athleticism – but mostly his knack for talking with animals – to thwart evildoers as the king of the [del]jungle[/del] seven seas; in the movie, he’d be played by an Olympic swimming champ.

I’m really wondering who would Wonder Woman be?

Not surprising. Aladdin was Martin Nodell’s primary inspiration for the (original) Green Lantern character. In fact, he wanted to name his alter ego “Alan Ladd” (before the actor with that name was well-known) but his editor thought that that was too corny, so he changed it to “Alan Scott.”

Raised as a princess, isn’t bulletproof but learns how to intercept projectiles by waving her forearms at them, interacts with heads of state like a serious-minded equal, and owns a see-through jet? Swap out “jet” for “palace” and you’ve got Elsa.

Superman - Hercules

Batman - Darkwing Duck

Wonder Woman - Mulan

Green Arrow - Robin Hood

Technically, aren’t THE INCREDIBLES Disney?

(Failing that – Lightning McQueen as the Flash?)

The Genie as Martian Manhunter?

He’s brightly colored, he very definitely is not human, and he can do some of MM’s tricks, like being invisible, shape-shifting, etc. I don’t know if the Genie can read minds.

That’s perfect.

Green Lantern was orginally based on Aladdin; the Golden Age hero was going to have a secret identity of “Alan Ladd,” but they thought it was too corny and changed it to Alan Scott. No one would believe there would be anyone named Alan Ladd. :wink:

The original story showed the lantern as an actual Arabian nights lamp, though it was melted down into the 1940s version.

When did the Genie turn invisible? I mean, Pete’s Dragon, sure, but the Genie?

Eddie Valiant and Roger Rabbit?

(Lone Ranger and Tonto?)

Were all the Greek gods in Hercules? If so, then you could do:

Superman - Zeus
Wonder Woman - Hera
Batman - Hades
The Flash - Hades
Green Arrow - Apollo
Aquaman - Poseidon
Green Lantern - I dunno, Hephaestus?

Mary Poppins as Zatanna, because, you know, you can say it backwards, which is “docious-ali-expi-istic-fragil-cali-rupus,” but that’s going a bit too far, don’t you think?

I think The Flash would most likely be Hermes