They may turn Wonder Woman into Supergirl

It’s just a rumor right now but there is talk the script for Batman and Superman makes the Amazons of Paradise Island into Kryptonians and chalk up all WW’s power to her Kryptonian heritage.

If true, yet another bad idea in a movie that seems to be announcing lots of them. If you’re going to have Wonder Woman in your movie; have Wonder Woman. Granted the costume probably won’t work on a big screen but you can tinker with that but the Mythology or Greek myths and monsters can easily work in a movie. Plus it adds a little Magic to the DC movie Universe which helps distance it from Marvel’s (which to date seems to be making all it’s Magic super advanced Technology).

I don’t understand why WB runs from DC’s properties. Marvel embraced theirs and made tens of billions of dollars for it.

They can do whatever they want to the WW franchise so long as they don’t lose the bondage theme!

Actually, it sounds like a pretty good retcon, and a perfectly logical one at that.

There’s something that makes the feminist in me squeamish about tying one of the few well known mainstream superheroines’ identity and origin to a male character. But aside from that, I can’t work up too much rage about the change itself. It would certainly allow them to get on with the plot instead of bogging the movie down with another origin story (however abbreviated it would have to be in a World’s Finest movie).

… why not just use Supergirl? If the fans want a Wonder Woman movie, make a Wonder Woman movie.

It’s not even a rumor. A website was reporting on some insider rumors, and the writer then included his personal speculation on how they’d approach WW. Which is actually a common fan speculation around the internet.

News sites picked up on it as an actual nugget and here we are.

But even if they did take that approach, that doesn’t make her ‘Supergirl’. The Kryptonian ancestor would be tens of thousands of years in the past. That’s like saying everyone is African because we all share Mitochondrial Eve.

I do, though, suspect the whole ‘Kryptonians crashed on earth 20,000 years ago’ is their way of ‘logically’ introducing whatever metahuman gene allows for superhuman potential. Probably use it to explain Atlantis too.

There’d be a Kryptonian connection, but so far in the past as to be diluted and allow the characters’ stories to remain unique.

I guess it kind of makes sense if they plan on making “Kryptonian Heritage” the new “exposed to radiation/weird chemicals/genetic engineering/super soldier serum/bit by a magic animal/SCIENCE!”, it’s still a bit silly, though.

Heck, if they want to make Kryptonian astronauts the precursors for any number of human god-myths… well, I guess I’d be sort-of okay with that, though I remember while watching Man of Steel the whole “ancient spaceship” sidebar struck me as confusing and unnecessary.

This right here. If WW seems problematic to the point that you gotta make her a Krytonian, then just make the character a known Kryptonian. Have Supes call her “cuz” and that’s her background. So easy, even a scriptwriter can do it!

EDIT - unless there are romantic overtones, that is. Whoops.

Even better, this would keep Wonder Woman away from Snyder.

That. It’s been a while, but I recall numerous stories set in the future where Supes winds up with WW after outliving Lois Lane, to the disgruntlement of Batman (who was never all that gruntled anyway).

Something about Wonder Woman seems to make TV and movie people nervous, and makes them want to change her.

Have a look at the very first, very weird TV version of Wonder Woman, pre-Lynda Carter. Cathy Lee Crosby didn’t even wear a costume that resembled the iconic one at all:

I find the iconic WW as sexy as the next guy, but there has to be a way to treat her as a real character instead of as a sex toy.

Give her the Greco-Roman armour (and that doesn’t mean the crap from 300). That’s the best of both worlds: a sexy outfit that doesn’t stop her looking like a competent warrior.

The armor IS badass.

I like this potential retcon. I realize these movies aren’t into the relative realism of the Christian Bale Batman films, but magic sucks. It’s good to eliminate it from the equation.

Especially since all the Kryptonians on the ancient spaceship died on impact. I suppose they can retcon that and say that one lived and eventually had a family, but Batman vs Superman is getting overstuffed with things as it is.

Or at least getcloser to G-R armor.

If you watch that scene in MOS closely, you’ll see one of the pods is actually open. And if you read the prequel comic, you’ll see that one astronaut survived the crash. So no need for a retcon. It’s already established. (But only hinted at in the actual movie).

They clearly have plans for that one surviving astronaut. It’s what started these fan speculations.

Damn. Alright then. I still think Batman vs Superman is going to go overboard on plot and characters, but it’s nice to know they were thinking ahead.

Naaaaah, leave well enough alone. S&M sells! :cool: