They may turn Wonder Woman into Supergirl

SECOND cousin.

They could say that the water or a special fruit known only to WWs part of the Amazon is high in midichlorians.

I’ve never had an opinion about WW either way, but she’s always seemed like Superman-lite to me anyway, so this seems like a very logical and consistent way to fit her into the shared universe.

The trick will be to make her interesting and distinct from Superman, but that should be easy. Give her the same Greek-oriented theme she’s always had, but explain that her people, as watered-down descendents of the lost Kryptonian, are the source of the Greeks’ myths of gods and demigods. Then make her more of a hard-edged warrior that doesn’t have a problem with killing the enemy when necessary, and you have something pretty close to the canonical WW without having to resort to the mystical girl-made-of-clay origin that wouldn’t really work in the modern comic movie mold.

I don’t follow Superman comics, and I sure as hell don’t follow the 57 varieties of universes and realities they have going on, so I was going by Wikipedia.

She’s repeatedly referred to as his cousin, numerous times. My apologies if my source led me astray.

If this means she’s going to be able to fly . . . that’s just wrong.
If they don’t give her the invisible jet, then she’d better be taking the bus. I’m not going to accept a Wonder Woman who can fly.

Wonder Woman has been flying in the comics for decades. Fans will be upset if she doesn’t fly.


I thought Wonder Woman flying was weird too, when I got back into comics recently as an adult. And she still had the invisible jet, which seemed kinda useless for a person who can fly. Does Aquaman use an invisible jet ski?

Hell, I can swim, but for some trips I take a boat. Why not a jet for someone who can fly?

I know at least one cat who uses an invisible bicycle.

Not invisible.

Back in the Silver Age, WW’s flying was explained at one point as due to her ability to detect, control and catch very subtle breezes. So she flew enough to avoid falling in some situations (but oddly not in others), and get from A to B if things were right. Thing of it as somewhat like gliding. To get somewhere fast or with more certainty, the jet was needed.

That’s not Flying! That’s…Falling With Style!

Frankly, I’m more troubled by the fact that there’s a Superfriends Wiki.

The notion of what Kryptonians would be like if they had been born here is intriguing.

Flying ability, Check
Heat, x-ray vision, X
Super strength, super speed, Check
Super science, Check…

Ability to command sea creatures?

“Hey, Zoidberg! Get in here!”

All you have to do fly is fall - and miss the ground.

Is Kryptonian DNA going to explain the Flash also?

“Screw you!”