Comic collectors:

Any other comic collectors here with a subscription to

It seems that many of the SDMB’s former hamsters have found employment with this outfit. The performance of the site is so bad that it can take upwards of 20-30 minutes, or even longer, to enter a single issue of a comic into my database (including all the steps of adding the issue, entering how much I paid for it, then assigning it to a box, which means several page loads). This is for a paid subscription site.

The problem has been going on for a few months now, and yet there is almost no discussion of the issue on their forums. There were a few questions about it a few months ago, which were answered with a “we’re looking into it”. A few users posted soon after that the problem had cleared up, and about a month after that I posted that I hadn’t seen any improvement at all. I still haven’t, and yet surprisingly there have been no further complaints on their boards.

I can’t possibly be the only one having problems, can I? If I ping their server, I reach them in a reasonable amount of time - just a few seconds - so it’s not the speed of my connection. But anything actually requiring me to load a page in a browser or interact with their database takes an eternity. I’m running Mac OS X, and I’ve tried quite a few different browsers.

I haven’t made a payment on my subscription in a while (I’ve got it set to not automatically renew), and I can’t remember when I last paid, though I think it was for a six-month period. I think it’s been longer than that since I paid, though, and I still have full access to the site, so perhaps they’re not charging anybody until they get it fixed. But it seems strange that they wouldn’t post anything to keep subscribers informed as to what’s going on or being done.

:dubious: Ohhhhhhhh yes you CAN.

There is very little incentive for developers to fix Mac issues.

The last statistic I heard about put the Mac user base at about 8% of all computer users. To a web developer, that means that any given Mac issue is about 12.5 times less important than any given Windows issue.

Which is why Web developers need to stop looking at percentages and start looking at hard numbers. We’re no longer living in a world where only geeks use computers. Let’s say there are 500 million (random number) computer users worldwide; 8% of that means 40 million computer users whose money these companies apparently don’t want. Add in whatever percentage are using Linux or Unix, and it’s even more people.

That’s beside the point here, though. Everything on that site works for me. It just does so abysmally slowly. When a site is Mac-unfriendly, it’s usually a case of the site utilizing some Windows-only functionality (like NetFlix requiring Windows Media Player 10 - which doesn’t exist on Mac - to play downloaded, DRM-protected movies. Or Yahoo Video taking years to address an issue where they used proprietary Microsoft-mangled JavaScript to load videos into a popup window - videos that were in a format that the Mac was perfectly capable of playing, if only they would load into the damn window). In those cases, the site features simply don’t work. works — I just have to wait freakin’ forever.

Heck, when the SDMB was having similar problems, it was generally acknowledged that the problem was a server that simply couldn’t handle the user load. The problem with seems to be much the same, a fact that they vaguely acknowledged in their brief reply to users’ questions.

And in the ultimate irony, the SDMB hamsters apparently decided to show solidarity with their brothers at CPG by going on a union break the first time I tried to post this reply. For 15 minutes, the board wouldn’t take my post.