Comic-Con 2007

We just got back from this years mega-geek extravaganza. I’m sure there are others here who were there, and can add their impressions. Random news:

Joss has Season 9 of the Buffy comic already planned out. He is also lanning on starting Ripper with the BBC next year.

The Eureka panel was fantastic! Everybody was having a ball, and they look like they’re a good shot for renewal for Season 3 if everybody keeps watching and buying the DVDs and stuff. The head programmer for SciFi was on the panel, which is a nice vote of confidence in the series. We saw Joe Morton at the SciFi booth later, playing tourist.

The Saturday night Once More, With Feeling sing-along was hysterical. 700 geeks belting out the songs and talking back to the screen.

Surprisingly, the dealer floor was much less crowded on Saturday than it was on Friday. That’s because everybody was upstairs in line for the Heroes and Galactica panels.

All in all, a quite fun time. Who else went and can add their report to this?

I’m surprised a Dopefest wasn’t planned for the shindig.

I’ve been following G4’s coverage of Comic Con on and on and off basis, and it has been pathetic – an unending, gag-a-maggot succession of marketing and promotional spots disguised as “coverage.” No real attention has been paid to fans, fan issues, or subcultures. It’s just, “how many potential sponsors can we suck up to while making the rubes think we’re doing news coverage for them.”


You think that’s bad, you should see local coverage in San Diego. This thing is a HUGE boon to the economy here, flat-out biggest convention of the year, and a really nice bunch of attendees, but every single story covers the Con from the What-A-Bunch-of-Geeks angle. It’s deeply unappreciative at best and offensive and rude at its worst : (from SignOn San Diego. com: - I hope that link works properly) :rolleyes: :mad:

I went Thursday and Saturday and had a great time as usual. I went to a panel about reality-based graphic novels because I love one of the authors presenting (she won an award for her book - yay!) and she was very nice and signed a copy of my book for me (with cartoon!). I went to the Disney/Pixar presentation because I’m curious about Prince Caspian that’s coming out next year. The movie looks interesting but I found the presentation a bit dull - they needed more visual aids, I thought. There was a guy who looked a bit like Silenus who asked a question (was that you? You were probably at Battlestar Galactica, it was at the same time). I also went to the Joss Whedon panel and stood in line for it for a long time. It’s more exciting when he has a movie pending, but the continuing Buffy comics are great news. I was bit bummed that preview issue #5’s weren’t available - that would have been a nice touch even if it is asking a bit much.

I just love walking around and looking at all the stuff and the costumes and the atmosphere. Everyone is so live-and-let-live and very polite and friendly. Thanks for starting this thread, Silenus. I got lazy after tromping around there for 2 days!

Who? I just read and enjoyed Alison Bechdel’s Fun Home, and really like Marjane Satrapi’s work too.

I went to Comic-Con in 2000, when I was slowly getting back into comics after a few years hiatus, and had a great time even though I attended very few panels. If I ever go back (which I seriously doubt), I’m sure I would do more. But I was glued to my computer all weekend, enjoying the breaking news and panel reports, and especially looking forward to announcements for action figure lines going into 2008. Sadly, Mattel, Marvel Toys, and DC Direct didn’t preview a single new figure that interests me.

Forgot one: There was a panel on Babylon 5: The Lost Tales. Boxleitner, Scoggins, Woodward, JMS, Netter. Much fun. Woodward is a hoot in person. They all obviously love each other, and The Lost Tales looks like it will be a neat addition to canon. Direct to DVD, and JMS has a bunch of tales to tell, so order your copy today so they can get busy on the next volume. If they sell, we could be looking at a new volume a year for the foreseeable future.

I saw online that they were giving out posters for the upcoming film “Sweeney Todd.” Anyone happen to pick up an extra by any chance??

It was Alison Bechdel. She won the Eisner award for Best Reality-Based Graphic Novel. Fun Home was amazing. I mark buying my first copy of Dykes to Watch Out For (ca. 1988) in Cambridge, MA as the beginning of my coming out, so it was really cool to see her in person :slight_smile: . Other panelists included Guy Delisle (Pyongyang: A Journey in North Korea), Rick Geary (The Bloody Benders), Miriam Katin (We Are On Our Own), and Joe Matt (Spent). All the books sounded interesting and I wished they had had handouts with examples of the artists’ work.

You can always try to obtain them through your local library system, or via free inter-library loan if they don’t have them in the local collections. I will attempt to do the same myself for all of those!

Oh, no, I meant I wish they just had some visual aids for the presentation. They were trying so hard to explain their artistic process and none of them even had copies of their own books to reference - slides or something would have been helpful so the audience could get a sense of their style, etc.

A little more if you’re thinking of checking them out:
Delisle’s stuff sounded like an illustrated travelogue with literary stuff thrown in. He was Canadian with a very charming French accent and he looked like Fox Mulder.

Miriam Katin was Hungarian, an older lady - her book sounded like it was somewhat similar to Maus, but about her and her parents’ experiences during the war.

Rick Geary and Joe Matt I have mixed up, I’m afraid. One’s work was very influenced by Crumb and Pekar, he said, with a lot of sex, masturbation and angst, and the other was a long-time, soft-spoken cartoonist with a perpetual smile on his face - his work was a series of Victorian murder mysteries.

Sounds like you know about Alison :slight_smile: .

During G4’s coverage of E3 a while back, they cut to adverts during the Halo 3 trailer. I think overall they just don’t give a crap about good coverage.