Comicon, anyone? Share with the rest of us poor schmucks who couldn't go?

Please? Pretty please with Bajorans on top?

If anyone wants to swing by the Star Wars: The Old Republic thing, I’d be appreciative.

Nothing to add here except for some shameful gloating. Heading out Friday (free!) courtesy of work. Can hardly wait…

I’d be very interested in knowing if there will be a memorial for Jonny Rench. He was an extremely talented colorist who worked for DC Wildstorm. Last year or the year before, one of the covers he did was a huge picture over the entrance.

He died last October at the age of 28 from a bilateral pulmonary embolism. He was a freakishly good artist.

He was also my nephew.

So, if you are going to Comic-Con this year, have a cold one in his memory.

For some reason I was thinking it was THIS weekend, not next; I was wondering about the lack of thread!

Well, I will keep this one in mind for the previous posts here; if nobody else makes a more timely thread, then I will bump this one. If someone does, I will ask a mod if they can merge them.

<fidgets> I live less than two hours away from San Diego and I WANT TO GO!!
Hearing about the line for today’s Twilight thingy where people have been waiting in line since MONDAY makes me feel a little better, but still…


If you use up all your lives, can I have your job? :smiley:

I’m not going, but thanks for sharing; I will have a cold one for him anyway. :slight_smile:

Oh come on…surely someone has time for a pic or two? :smiley: Better be some comments on Monday after all the Leia-gawking is over! <shakes a fist>