Who would you pay money to meet & have a pic taken with at a COMICON?

I’m thinking of spending the money to shake John Cusack’s hand and have a selfie taken.

I think I need to apologize for misspelling his name. (I forgot the ‘c’ in a thread a while back. It was an honest mistake.)

But who would you pay money to meet or shake hands with at a COMICON?

Literally no-one.

I’d however pick up the dinner tab and contribute to a charity for a chance to spend time with a variety of people I respect and admire. Probably not John Cusack. Even though I’m a fan of his work.

John Usack? A common mistake?

ETA: to answer the question, nobody. I’d be glad to pose with others for the price of a beer, though.

You’d pay to have your picture with no one? I could help you with that. How much would it pay?

I haven’t been to ComicCon since back when it was a comic book convention. Who gets the money if you pay for a photo? I mean, is John Cusack that hard up, or is it all for charity? Which charity would probably matter to me more than which celebrity. Well, unless that woman from Total Recall was there.

Then simply donate to a charity you prefer, no need dragging the charitable interests of a celebrity who’s strange to you into the decision.
I say we all just take Mr. Cusack a beer and skip the middle nonsense.

I can’t, because I live in the DC area, and no Comicons are ever held here.

But I discovered a long time ago now, that one-of star situations hold no thrill for me. There are plenty of famous people who I’d love to have as actual friends, but no one who I would want to annoy at a convention.

What does John Cusack have to do with comics?

My answers are Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Hugh Jackman, and Michael Keaton.

I can honestly say I’ve never called him a sack of Anything!
Not starting now… :slight_smile:

Thanks to Hot Tub Time Machine he’s practically Dr Who.

I thought selfies were bad enough. But people really PAY for selfies?

We just finished up WisCon, and I didn’t see anyone accepting money to have their picture taken.
I know Amal El-Mohtar and Kelly Sue DeConnick (“Bitch Planet”) weren’t doing this…

Can someone chime in with how prevalent this is?

DC’s AwesomeCon is in a couple of weeks. And there’s the Baltimore ComiCon, which is pretty big. And there’s SPX, the Small Press Expo, which is in the Bethesda area.

It’s pretty common for people to charge for selfies at conventions, particularly when they depend on personal appearances as part of their income.

So if it’s a big star who is appearing to promote this summer’s blockbuster, likely no charge.

But if it’s someone you love from that show in the '70s that only you remember, then, yes, appearing at conventions is likely part of his or her living and at the very least the expenses of going to the convention itself need to be covered, so, yeah, a charge for selfies. And I don’t begrudge them that.

Since I can’t imagine going to a ComiCon, I can’t think of anyone I’d pay to be photographed with. Then again, I’m an old grouch and I don’t think I’m even close to the demographic targeted by ComiCon.


But I’d offer to treat Neil deGrasse Tyson to dinner in exchange for conversation.

I paid for a selfie with Jason Mewes (Jay from Clerks). The next year at a different comic con, Brian O’Hollaran (Dante from Clerks) was there so I was like what the heck, I’ll get him too.

I was at that comic con to have my pic taken with Carroll Spinney (Big Bird).

I dunno. I guess I got more money than sense.

What makes you think old grouches are outside the target demographic? About 30 percent of the folks at any kind of fan convention are old grouches.

I’m in the demographic of old grouches who don’t do conventions. :smiley:

He was actually really cool. He reads and likes The Reader.
He asked if we could send him some stuff to read.

Any objection if we send him “The Horror of Blimps”? :wink:

That’s what I send people when I want to lure them in to our interesting corner of the internet!

I’ve met a number of minor celebs (mostly authors) at cons over the years, but never because I went to any particular effort to do so. They were either attending an event we had a mutual interest in, or they showed up at one of my events. I found most of them pleasant conversationalists, and didn’t press them on anything related to their work unless they indicated that they wanted to talk about it. (Being “on” for a con is stressful, and I’d rather help people de-stress than add to it.)

In no case did I see a reason to have a picture taken, let alone pay for one. They’re people, not objects to pose with.

Yeah, but it was the best I could do.

If you think he was stressed at a con… he’d hate coming to my state. So he doesn’t.

Look, I would have Loved to try to get him to say ‘screw it’ and hang out with pizza & beer, just watching baseball and bitching about politics.

Wasn’t ever going to happen.

If it even started to, about six very pretty female bouncers would have jumped me & left me by the dumpsters behind the building.