Coming soon to the stage: Saddam Hussein's romantic novel!

I find this a bit bizarre, but hey, everyone needs a creative outlet… :wink:

Get your tickets now!

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What I find most amazing was the playwrite’s comment that it took him a year to read the novel, but fifteen days to adapt it for the stage. By my reckoning, that means either (a) he’s an incredibly slow reader, or (b) the novel had a lot of extraneous fluff that could be thrown away.

And what d’you suppose are the odds that the play will be heavily laced with anti-American overtones, hmmm? :wink:

      • I asked and looked to try to locate English, and then any language, translations of any of his books, but couldn’t find any… - DougC

I also want to read his books. Just because.

Heh, the heroine is in the story is raped on the 17th of January, the day US forces launced the offensive.

One more for wanting to read that book… should be highly interesting.

Hope Southpark’s paying attention! Their version of it oughtta be a hoot! :slight_smile:


What? Springtime for Hussein?

I kinda like the part where the King dies. :smiley: