Commandments 11-15?

So, what goes on that mysterious third tablet? What Ineffable Effing Holey Rules are we currently running afowl og?
[ul][li]Thou shalt not get caught.[/li][li]Thou shalt sit.[/li][li]Thou shalt spin.[/li][li]Thou shalt resist the Olson twins.[/li][li]Thou shalt laugh heartily at any loon who promulgates the Veneration of Xenu.[/li][/ul]

Or the Tablet of No Commandments
[ul][li]Thou shalt not call upon me to sing.[/li][li]Thou shalt not push thy fairy tales on the unwilling.[/li][li]Thou shalt not be a pious asswipe in my name.[/li][li]Thou shalt not upset the happiness of others.[/li][li]Thou shalt not rely on a freaking list for your entire moral compass, you looney son of a camel.[/li][/ul]