Commercials on Trivial Pursuit DVD game?

My sister and brother-in-law recieved the Trivial Pursuit DVD game for Christmas, and the family played it over the holidays.

The game is the same as the classic version – you have to collect a “wedge” in each of six categories to win. The board is the same, and landing on “normal” colors requires answering questions on cards. Landing on “wedge” spaces takes you to the DVD, where you answer multimedia questions, sometimes with actual film or video clips.

For example, a clip of the 1980’s Transformers cartoon precedes the question, “What character transformed into a VW bug?” A commercial for a… Suzanne Sommers exercise product precedes the question, “What product is being advertised?” (See, no spoilers here).

But… In the Sports & Games category, we watched a commercial for California cheese (“It’s the cheese”), which featured talking cows and bulls, in its entirety. This is a current ad campaign. Then, the question was: “The inventor of Chuck E. Cheese’s restaurants also invented what computer game?”

We realized, hey, that commercial had virtually nothing to do with the eventual question. Still, because of previous DVD questions, we paid full attention to the spot, thinking it held some hidden clues.

But I think we all were forced to watch a standard 2003 commercial. Trivial Pursuit tricked us.

Am I right? Or am I just being paranoid?

I played the game with some friends this week and we had the same thoughts. Not only did it appear that whatever was shown on the DVD had little or nothing to do with the actual question, but several of the questions on the cards were wrong.

I don’t know - I played earlier this evening and they had a full commercial for a product that is no longer on the market. This commercial, like those you’ve mentioned, had little to do with the actual question. I think they just want to give you that “oooooh, they’re showing us a video!” feel to the game.

I just couldn’t believe they actually had a question about the song “We Don’t Have To Take Our Clothes Off” and that I was scarily close to answering it correctly.