Commercials that make you want to change the channel

We’re not just talking about bad ads, but those that make you jump for the remote and find something else to watch.

My nomination: the really depressing one showing puppies at animal shelters, with Sarah McLachlan in the background:

*In the arms of an angel fly away from here
From this dark, cold hotel room, and the endlessness that you fear
You are pulled from the wreckage of your silent reverie
You’re in the arms of an Angel; may you find some comfort here *

I lole dogs., and have two of them, including a rescue. I’m a member of the Humane Society of the United States. I can’t bear to watch the puppy beating commercial, and I flip the channel whenever I hear “In the arms of an angel”.

Any commercial containing anyone crunching anything.

That pet pedicure thing where they grind the nail down

“I’m cleaning the litterbox…I’m cleaning the litter box.”


The XBox360 ones with the hollow heads. Those are just creepy, man!

The ones that show globs of mucous as living in your body. Gross! For a decongestant whose name I can’t remember.

Any one with sloppy eating noises. Like nails on a chalkboard…

There’s a car commercial I keep seeing that advertises 0% financing. It really gets to me, because the jingle sings zero as “zeeee ro” over and over. I don’t know why it annoys me, but it’s like nails on a chalk board, and I literally do lurch for the remote whenever it comes on tv.

Mac/PC… Stupid strawmen, a pompous asshole being presented as the ‘right’ choice, while the ‘wrong’ choice is a pleasant fellow (even when they go out of their way to make PC look like an idiot and/or megalomaniac, he comes out looking better than Mac)… I either change the channel or mute the TV.

The progressive commercials with that one woman.

I’ll second anything that starts with

“HI, BILLY MAYS HERE FOR…” with his stupid :smiley: face.

The Quizno’s commercial where the lounge singer stuffs the $5 bill into her mouth makes me twinge, too. I’ve never liked any of Quizno’s commercials.

Yes, she is a bizarre looking woman.

All the Gieko commercials, the cavemen, the Gecko, they’re all annoying me lately.

There’s a commercial for some company that gives cash for structured settlements. It features opera. I turn the channel every time.

That smug Vonage bitch. I want to hurt her. Oh, how I want to hurt her…

My mute button finger works autonomously now when commercials come on, so it has to be pretty bad. Mostly I just ignore them. I change the channel for the V1a6ra commercials, but not much else.

The Sarah McLachlan one just about kills me. I’ve never watched it all the way through because just the first few frames of it make me want to vomit. I don’t only change the channel for that one–I refuse to watch the show it’s interrupting. I’m a good human with a houseful of rescued dogs, so why are they torturing me?

I hate Billy Mays, the Vonage chick, and Kenley (heh) from the Progressive commercials, too, but the one that makes steam come out of my ears is the kid from one of those expensive acne treatment commercials who says something like, “I put some of that on when I go to bed, and in the morning you don’t have acne!” GAH! I didn’t have acne when you went to bed, you little dipshit!

On the flip side, I kind of like the Shamwow guy. I’d like to see him quietly slap the crap out of Billy Mays.

Any with the loser guy and his loser group of friends singing for, ugh! I was hoping they’d be a one-time thing.

I was freaked out by the Southwest Airlines commercial where the lady behind the ticket counter turns around and has another head!!! :eek:

Yes, I’m easily disturbed. But I change the channel now any time I see that commercial coming on.

I am right there with you on this.

Nope. Now they have a rap jingle in the latest one, for all the family to enjoy!

I cannot stand the Alltel commercials. Being a geek myself, those commercials have dissuaded me from considering their services. Watching those commercials makes me annoyed enough that I want to change the channel immediately.

Seconded, for the same reason. It makes me misty.

I had not seen this ad, so I looked it up. Disturbing indeed!

Word, sister, word. (Sorry if you’re not a girl, something made me think so)

How about this from a UK window company :-

Honestly would you buy anything from somebody who asks you to “pick up the pigging phone” ?