Common Spelling Errors on the Dope

Your rite, eye mint that. May Occulpah, ya’ll. :smiley:

I always misspell “because” (I spell it becasue). I think it’s more of a typing error than a spelling error though.

I once thought “whinge” was a misspelling. I looked it up, and it’s a valid variation of “whine.” I still don’t like it, eve and dough wit’s core wrecked.

It’s not just on SDMB that I’ve seen it, j.c. - try googling that spelling. Over 23,000 hits. It’s certainly not as common as some of the misspellings featherlou alludes to in her list, though.
I’ve even seen the error in French - dilemne for dilemme.

Ah well. One day I’ll start a GQ thread on it.

Let’s not forget all the people spelling manhattan manhatten. That one always gets me - mainly because the word is right there in front o’ ya when you’re composing a reply. Silly.

Huh – I thought that noise was part of his schtick, part of his timing. “I crunched the numbers,” he’ll say, “and the result is, I find out that we have been, uh, uh, uh, raped.”

Builds antici


I would like to add


and all other words that just should have a ‘u’ :wink:

Hey, I’ve been moved! Sorry about that, mods. I figgered I was giving my opinions about other people’s spelling problems. :smiley:
I’ve seen ‘demon’ spelled ‘deamon’ more times than I care to remember - they might have been going for the Olde English ae thingy, but that ain’t it.

In Unix, though, there is a “daemon.”

“Just desserts” instead of the correct “just deserts”.

“I gave my guests cupcakes, but they were just desserts.”

Am I wrong here?:wink:

I’ve noticed people often mispell “shit” as “shiite”. They also seem to think that there is a sort of people made out of shit or something, but that’s not what this thread is about.

“daemon” is just a variant of “demon”, not a misspelling. It’s similar to “color/colour” and “grey/gray”.

Yes, in Unix there is a daemon, and daemon is correct when talking about spirits, etc, but I said I’ve seen it spelled “deamon”, not “daemon.” I personally don’t know of any variation of “demon” that is spelled “deamon.”

I’ve seen beleive instead of believe and becuase instead of because .

How about “Retentive”?

I dunno. I’d have to try one of your cupcakes to find out if they were just desserts, or just untasty. :stuck_out_tongue:

[Professorial tone] The use of “shiite” for “shit” is clearly in error (or humor) as well as being an ethnic slur. However, “shite” with a single “i” is properly spelled in Ireland, as a synonym for dung. Some further delving might reveal the reason for the Irish spelling, but at the moment, I can’t quite put my finger on “shite.” [/professorial tone]

Alma Cogan is dead.:wink:

Um, what is “just deserts”? As opposed to “just mountains” or “just prairies”? I’m not being sarcastic here - or am I being whooshed?

A lot of people use site when asking for a cite. No, I don’t have a cite for that, you’re just gonna have to trust me.