Community 2/10

“I’m a hip American. I’ve forced myself to be into soccer since 2004.”

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samclem MOderator

“In England everything means vagina.”

“I love pizza. In England we call them Italian Fanny’s.”

“See you at 6:00. Or as we say in England ‘Gravedigger’s Biscuits’.”

Pause on Winger’s Driver’s License:

10202 Thalberg Drive
Greendale 80022

DOB: 11-20-1971

His birthday is right. Joel McHale is really 40 cite

A fairly sitcomy episode tonight, but the dialogue was hilarious.

And whoever decided to tease a Britta and Annie kiss will burn in the special kind of hell.

Community is a sitcom.

Uh… yes?

But its plots range from two guys want to date the same girl to zombie attack. I’m not saying that like it’s a bad thing. The more standard episodes balance out the crazy ones. This one had a normal sitcom plot, but with killer dialogue.

“We’re calling them BNL now?”

It was just strange when you said it was “sitcomy” considering that it is a sitcom. But I get what you’re saying. This was a more normal, typical, what you’d expect a sitcom to be, type episode.

“Let him in; he’s wearing the right colors.”

Am I correct in thinking that Liverpool and Manchester United are both red and white?

I thought Manchester City was red/white and Manchester United was blue/white. Of course, I got my information from Life on Mars.

True, dat. Annie looked almost … eager. :smiley:

And I loved this bit: “How did you get here? And how did you find out where I live?”
“I can answer both of your questions by returning your driver’s license.”


Interesting to see Andy Dick getting a role. Nice casting for him as poster boy for bad behavior* – looking a little like Mr. Conductor in Shining Time Station.

*I guess Charlie Sheen wasn’t available.

Gah, so -that’s- who that was! I knew the face but couldn’t place him!! (Andy Dick). Oh yah, Charlie Sheen was NOT available. :wink: JFTR, I still think that Andy is a trainwreck poised to crash into the station or some place else. Is it too late for Chevy Chase’s character, btw?

Community is just (usually) such a treat to watch. I don’t know how they get some of that stuff past the 8 PM censors either, to be honest! And yes Uncle Jocko, Annie did seem a tad eager. :wink:

My favorite so far, though, has to be the episode where they all stripped, looking for the “lost” pen. The ending was -so- surreal! Who is that monkey? Has it ever been seen before, or since, for that matter?! Is it an escapee from some psych lab or (worse!) drug testing lab somewhere?! I confess to having watched that ending more than once. And that’s all I’ll admit to. :smiley:

The monkey is Anne’s Boobs. He was introduced and set free in the school during the chicken tender mafia episode, which is one of the better ones.

Shocker Khan, and I both used to be HUGE BNL fans and actually met because of our mutual love of the band. Neither of us are very big fans anymore, but we’re still friends with a lot of die-hards and they really are that rabidly defensive about the band.

The Bare Naked Ladies lines was a weird shout out to the fact that Community is now opposite Big Bang Theory who’s opening theme is by “BNL”.

I thought this was one of the weaker episodes but I had a feeling they were setting us up for something bigger in the upcoming weeks especially with Pierce.

Britta is probably the most annoying character on the show despite her actress being really pretty. Peirce is a toad of course but I love watching him the way I use to love Louie on Taxi. This episode again showed she means well but is a big time poser.

Funny, last week I thought Community was awesome while BBT phones one in. This time I thought Community was fairly weak while BBT had a really good one.

The Pierce addiction arc is interesting in that Chevy Chase really did do a publicly known stint in rehab for an addiction to pain-killers back in the 80’s.

The only thing I really laughed at was Chang yelling at his hermit crabs.

Dick was on the show in that role before, during the trampoline episode. He flew a tiny spaceship in Pierce’s drug-addled mind. IIRC.