Community 5.05 "Geothermal Escapism" 1/23/14

Donald Glover’s final episode.

5.01/5.02 “Repilot”/“Introduction to teaching”
5.03 Basic Intergluteal Numismatics
5.04 Cooperative Polygraphy


Actual tears in my eyes.

A full fledged return to the Golden Era.

Only to say goodbye to the Golden Era…


Donald Glover is the greatest comedic actor I’ve ever seen and it’s not even close. He gets the funniest possible reaction and timing out of every single scene he’s in. The character of troy isn’t particularly interesting, but Donald Glover makes him incredible. I will watch him in whatever he does from here on out, but I’m really sad to see him go. I think he’s the heart of the show and it can’t be the same without him. And it looks like the chances are decent we get a sixth season, too.

He is one of a kind brilliant. He could be the next Robin Williams/Eddie Murphy in terms of fame and fortune if he wanted to, but apparently he doesn’t.

Nobody cries on tv like Donald Glover. :smiley: (It took a few episodes of watching “Community” on Netflix before I realized that he cries in every damned episode!) I don’t really understand why he’s leaving the show; I hope he gets it together at some point and returns - I can’t imagine the show with Troy. How can you have, “Troy and Abed…” without Troy?

Loved it. The ending was perfect.

Is Donald Glover your same-sex celebrity crush, Beef? It’s ok, everyone has one.

Fun episode. Insane even by their standards. It had one of the best final bits ever.

“Why isn’t it called Planet Trek? … You don’t go to stars.”

Greatest line ever.

I thought the episode was amusing, but trying WAY too heard to be Modern Warfare III.

Putting on my nerd hat, Troy was wrong. They did go to stars in at least one instance, the Next Generation episode “Evolution”. Their purpose was to launch a probe to study a binary star in the Kavis Alpha system.

LeVar Burton appears in that episode, and would have made for a great comeback.

Loved this episode. Amazing how it goes from insanity to real heart so quickly and effortlessly. Donald Glover is such an important part of this show, I wonder what it will look like without him.

They also visited a Dyson’s Sphere in Relics, but I’m not going to quibble about it.

Beverly Crusher flew the starship through a sun to test the metaphasic shielding.

And those people, they’re all astronauts on… some kind of star trek.

Weren’t they trying for Waterworld? Shirley’s Island, the locker boys with mowhawks, the bald professor with the big bad scary machine, the dang title card at the beginning of the game, etc. It looked like Waterworld to me.
Fantastic episode. Abed’s clone isn’t quite perfect. sniff

I meant in terms of offering a massive prize and the entire campus goes to Hell as they play the game.

You have a better way to get the campus to go to hell every semester? :wink:

Despite losing Troy and Pierce (and we all knew it was coming), this season has been great so far. They even got better use out of Chang and the return of Starburns has been cool – though as I understood it, Starburns was killed because Dino isn’t really an actor and wanted to retire the character. I would argue that the loss of Chevy Chase isn’t that significant because he really wasn’t used very well anyway. I do hope there’s room for Troy to come back in the future.

I wonder what will happen when Clone Abed discovers that original Abed wasn’t really killed in the lava, just horribly maimed, and he comes back for revenge in some sort of Darth Vader inspired form.