Community -- 2/17/2011

Wow. A simply amazing episode.

Troy’s reaction to Levar was priceless.

Loved it. Community has been on absolute fire lately. I was really worried when I saw they were doing the documentary format. I hate the whole “actors pretending to be uncomfortable in front of cameras” thing that shows do in these situations. Instead they turned it around and made a not-so-subtle dig at The Office.

And Troy’s freakout had me in tears.

It really was amazing. And cut every character to the bone (in a good way). The only downside is I cannot see why they would remain friends with Pierce after these last few episodes.

I’m pretty sure it’s mostly pity these days.

Donald Glover (Troy) was just a powerhouse of awesome this episode. I have developed a full-on man crush.

Anyway, I need to find a partner to form a pact with. If either of us die, we’ll have to make it look like a firefly protest suicide.

I was amazed at how Troy just starring bug eyed at Levar could be so hilarious.

For some reason, when Pierce was driving up and talking to Jeff on the phone and pretending to be Jeff’s father, I felt a sense of Déjà vu. I’m sure I’ve seen the exact thing, or something very similar, before on TV.

“Oh, well. More for Kunta!”

Every one of the actors were in top form tonight, but Troy’s reaction to Levar Burton was hilarious. I think the tag was one of the best this season.

Pierce’s downward trajectory has been uncomfortable to watch though, but it’s looking like he’s never going to get any redemption arc. Which is fine with me, really.

“Could you imagine bouncing a check to Kunta Kinte?”

What was especially great about that was that Troy never changed. A lesser sitcom would have had him eventually start interacting with Burton. But that never happened.

I really enjoyed tonight’s. I figured last week was setting us up. Though nothing else with Chang was surprising but as I don’t like the character this was not bad. BTW, Pierce is hateful, awful jerk but the character is a joy to watch. Chang needs to be used in small doses. Large doses do nothing good for the show.

Glover cracked me up so many times tonight. It was amazing.

Amazing episode. Gillian Jacobs had some of her best line readings of the series, especially the whole insultliment/explainabrag bit.

And even though I also don’t understand why these guys continue to keep Pierce in their lives, Chevy Chase was in perfect form in this ep.

The gang keeps Pierce around because the show needs sources of dramatic conflict that are ultimately inconsequential. Pierce easily does this better than Chang and is even better than the Dean. The Dean caves too easily when confronted and ultimately has good, or at least ambiguously evil intentions.

Pierce and Chang can have true evil intentions, but the audience is more likely to forgive the bumbling old white guy than the loathesome troll even when Pierce’s actions are less redeemable.

Donald Glover was at his finest this episode. I saw his stand-up act (for five dollars! FIVE DOLLARS!) and while his transitions needed some work, the jokes were hilarious and his delivery was at his best when he was melting down, much like in this episode. He sells anguish so well.

It was like Community and The Office swapped formats this week

This might be my favorite episode all year.

“Final words to us… Pierce is going to kill us?”

Donald Glover has a beautiful singing voice. Thank God he wasn’t considered for the lead in Spiderman the Musical.

Butterfly in the sky…

Troy’s freak out was priceless.

The gang keeps Pierce around because in the one episode where he pantsed Shirley and the gang had to pick which one. Pierce was booted and they had problems in the group dynamic because they had no one to make fun of. They took Pierce back because no one wanted to be the new Pierce.

Set phasers to ‘Love Me’!

I rewound and rewatched that scene several times in a row, laughing my ass off through the whole thing.

Everybody was great in this episode. I was especially surprised by how well Joel McHale took his character to a different place, dropping the smarm and sarcasm and looking like he was really about to lose control.

Big props to the writers, too. They are inventive, hilarious, and great at character development.