Community -- March 25

After a couple of so-so episodes, they were back on top form tonight.

I think the “Abed and Troy in the Morning” sequence was among the funniest short sequences in TV history.

“Self-inflicted friendly fire.”

“Colonial burn!”

“Abed’s African-American Police Chief character is right.”

fantastic sitcoms all around. even the Office

Favorite moments:

“Baba Booey, Baba Booey, Baba Booey” “That’s strike two, Leonard!”

Britta accidentally stepping on the frog.

Abed ‘directing’ the buddy-cop plotline.

Annie running into her own blast of pepper spray.

The whole Cookie Crisp gag, especially at the end when it went kind of meta- with Troy confessing he was too young to know the Cookie Crisp wizard mascot and was only familiar with the burglar mascot.

Okay. Leonard has now passed Starburns as my favourite third-tier character.

And it says a lot about the show that I am noticing the third-tier characters.

Pretty good episode. Britta is a buzzkill, not! I thought Abed was doing a southern redneck police chief (a la “In the Heat of the Night”) rather than an African-American one. Great imitation, just labeled wrong. And his whole “watching” and commenting on the cop buddy movie stuff was great.

I was expecting them to end with a “it was an April Fools joke all along” bit. I.e., someone was pranking them all. Would it be Jeff, the master at this? Britta to prove she wasn’t a buzzkill? Abed since he was bored with his cable being out? Pierce to show the old guy still had some skillz? Maybe Sr. Chang to prove he is the top dog? A lesser character like Star-Burns? But they just ended it. Missed a great way to go out.

What were the old guys writing on the wall? ???Pelton sucks …". I heard what the next word was going to be but couldn’t make out the first part.

That corpse had to be flying to land so far from the building.

Between “Community” and re-watching “Mad Men” I am simply astonished by Alison Brie. (Just saw MM S3E3 “My Old Kentucky Home”. Wow.)

Dean Pelton sucks [testicles]

I never noticed before that Alison Brie was so … endowed.

The great part about that was when Chevy was first wearing the robe, my friend said “Is he supposed to be the Cookie Crisp guy?” And I answered “I thought that was a burglar.” Hilarity later ensued.

Yeah, she seemed to “stand out” more than usual. Her face looked a little more filled out too at some scenes. Is Alison Brie pregnant?

Also, I enjoyed seeing Gillian Jacobs (Britta) on all fours.

I’ll be in my bunk.

When I first heard the guy going “Coooooookie crisp!” I was all “wtf?” and then they gave him the cookie wand and I was all “did I miss something about pop culture?”

Then Troy pointing it out later was a slam dunk :slight_smile:

“Ooh! Buddha arrived on a meteor!”

I disagree. I think that would have been the predictable way to go. I’m glad they didn’t do it.

“Agitatin’ my sciatica!”

I think I missed something- what’s up with the old guy writing abuse? Wikipedia and IMDB tell me he’s Leonard and that he’s appeared in a lot of episodes, but I seriously don’t remember him. Star-Burns is my third-tier guy, and not just because I’m expecting a Moral Orel references at some point.

I really, really hope we get to see Pierce’s cult at some point. I’d entirely forgotten about him being a Laser Buddhist or whatever it is he calls himself.

I’m only 3 or 4 years older than Troy is supposed to be, and I spent the entire episode trying to figure out why I didn’t associate wizards with Cookie Crisp. Well, duh- it’s CoooOOOookie Crisp! It should be a dog burglar, not a wizard.

Knock knock. Who’s there? Cancer? Oh, come in, I thought it was Britta!

Britta’s evolution as an insecure nobody who wants to seem fun and accepting is getting better and better. I cringe the most at her character’s actions, but man, out of all the characters, I get exactly what she’s going through.

That was Leonard. He was also the old guy who made fun of Jeff in his billiards class and also the old guy who accused Jeff of eating all the macaroni when Jeff and Britta tried to sabotage Annie and Vaughn’s relationship.

As another person in their twenties, add me to the list of people who was confused by the cookie crisp wizard until Troy’s breakdown. Then I lol’ed.

Huh… I guess I must be old-people-blind or something. I do remember that macaroni joke now that you mention it.

I can’t wait until Community is out on DVD and I can watch it all straight through in binge viewings. I’ll definitely recognize the third-string characters better that way than I can with the standard once-a-week broadcast.

I was just thinking how I can’t wait for this show on DVD either. I never buy sitcoms on DVD usually, but I must have this show.

(Has it officially been renewed yet?)

Yes! There’s a little bit of spoilers there as to how the season will end, but I felt weird just saying yes without a cite.

It just occurred to me that while Community could go on forever with new study groups, this particular cast can’t, really. Most community colleges are two-year schools, and this first season is pretty clearly encompassing up a whole year’s worth of education. That leaves one more season if they don’t slow down the pace, and only two or three if they switch to a semester or quarter per season.

Well Pierce is just taking classes to “keep his mind active”, not to get a degree so his character isn’t going anywhere. Shirley’s probally going part-time so she could take 3-4 yrs to her her associate’s degree. Britta I’m not sure about, but Jeff, Troy, Abed, and Trudy I assume are all fulltime students and would be strongly motivated to graduate on time. Trudy migh even try to transfer out before she get’s her degree. Also some community colleges have started to offer bachelor’s degrees (often in cooperation with a 4 yr school). They could even create a subplot with Greendale trying to become a 4 yr college (I went to a junior college that was in the process of doing that).

Jeff is in school to get his Bachelor’s, so I’m assuming it’s a four year school.