Community Mar. 11

What did you think?

Pretty good episode. The new little “human being” was fairly creepy. I liked how it was just a quick site gag.

So Jeff is broken up with the smokin hot professor w/o any reason? Expecting to see more there and more of the professor.

The plot with the the hot blonde golddigger step daughter did not do too much for me though, I really felt I was watching a re-run of a Two and a Half Men episode where Charlie’s mom was involved with a fiancee, and Charlie fell for the hot blonde golddigger daughter.

I thought it was a pretty week episode. Some funny bits but a lot of painful stuff too. I can’t stand the actress that plays Shirley so any episiode w/ her in a larger role is hard for me to watch.

What happened to Catherine McPhee? She used to be smokin’ hot when she was on Idol. Now she looks emaciated and the short blonde hair is horrible.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen Katherine McPhee before (I never watch AI), but she is a hottie.

And Rabbi Chang saying that “Señor Chang” sounded ridiculous was golden. Also, nice bits with Shirley’s kids and Troy’s Grams, and Annie continues to be the cutest thing ever.

Yeah, I liked Annie in this one. She kindasorta manipulated Jeff. I would break more than a light sweat for her.

Most of the individual lines and gags were great as usual, but it didn’t really jell together right. While the show does homage to standard sitcom tropes, the whole forbidden golddigging step-daughter thing just didn’t fit with the norms of the show.

And if Lauren Stamille is gone just-like-that, I’m go to be very unhappy with certain people.

Good use of Annie, her best stuff since the Halloween episode.

Movie reference.

…is Shirley supposed to have a weird accent? I feel like she sometimes slps into a weird cadence and pronunciation.

I think the stats professor broke up with Jeff cause she found another man who wasn’t afraid of getting her chubby hubby.

The episode was just okay this week. An okay Community is still pretty good though. The Britta-Troy storyline was just too bizarre although I did like how it reinforced the image of Britta as being well-meaning, but more stubborn than smart. The throwaway line about Glee: :smiley: And I like Glee too! Nothing can ever top last week’s Naked Jeff Winger. Random observations: Annie and Jeff have a lot of chemistry - more so than Jeff and Britta so far. Too bad we didn’t see Annie’s parents. So, Pierce is loaded? $25,000 is mucho dinero to be tossing around to every step daughter who visits. Nazi windmills!

This episode was a little off because the plot lines centered on odd character pairings. Brita and Troy, Shirley and Abed, Pierce and Jeff, and Annie just as a floater.

That said, the “windmill” bit was hilarious. “What are you doing!!! Stop circling it!!!”

My friends and I have been playing a lot of Pictionary lately. I hope I get “windmill” soon - so I can see who’s been watching good TV :slight_smile:

And the cop’s response: “The violence won’t stop til they take Windmill out of the deck!”

It’s mentioned on the Greendale Community College website that he’s the father of the modern moist towelette as we know it, which is the source of his money.

Hate to be so nitpicky, but I was bothered by the fact he said his 7 marriages had netted him 32 stepchildren. That would mean his wives had on average 4 or 5 children each. I could see him having 10 maybe or even 20, but unless he was married to Mia Farrow or Octomom for a while it wouldn’t be likely he’d have 32.

Did anybody else think it was strangely touching seeing Jeff and Pierce cry on each other?

And this episode was for some reason shown out of sequence, because Family Day was mentioned in past tense in an earlier episode and the fact Jeff wasn’t dating anybody was mentioned in last week’s episode.

Agree this was a weak link but still stronger than most shows.

When Granny was whipping Britta and Troy was standing in the corner with his back turned I kept expecting Abed to wander in and make a Blair Witch reference.

I always thought that might have been an exaggeration in the same vein as many of his other accomplishments. I guess he really is a moist towelette tycoon.

I like to think that most of his wives have 2-3 children like normal and one of them had 20 or something.

He also mentioned to Leonard (the old guy in the pool class) in the last episode that he saw Leonard’s son at Family Day and knew about his gambling problems. I think somebody at TelevisionWithoutPity said that the show order was reversed. I’m not sure why NBC would do that. Maybe the executives wanted an episode that referenced the Olympics while the games were still fresh in everyone’s minds?

Off-topic a bit, but the way they did that on 30 Rock was hysterical. Liz made reference to “_____ winning the gold medal in _____” with both very obviously (and intentionally obviously) dubbed in.
For anybody not familiar with this fantastic and hilarious tie-in site,

Greendale Community College

The best parts are the faculty and student profiles. Even minor characters like Starburns or one episode characters like Professor ‘Carpe Diem’ have sites.

Profile for Coach Bogner from last week’s episode:

Go to the Admissions area:


repeated 5 times.

I found the Britta getting a beating story line was a little odd. I did miss the first 5 minutes, so maybe there was a set up that made it make sense.

iCarly’s my guilty pleasure too!


Sorta: she told Troy that he should respect and think highly his elders. The whole bit was about how far she would go to be right even though Nana was clearly not a good person.

I personally think their overplaying the whole “Britta thinks she knows everything, but she really doesn’t” angle. I like her better when she’s mostly right, and the times she is wrong come as a surprise.