Community S5 E6 - Analysis of Cork-Based Marketing

Didn’t see a thread on this yet.

So many good moments in this episode:

Hickey: “Welcome to the labyrinth, kid. Only there ain’t no puppets or bisexual rock stars down here.”

“It’s a bear dance!!!”

The crawl on the news program Hickey is watching - “LeVar Burton and sailing companion captured by pirates.”

Dean Pelton: “Oh, a labyrinth! Is it the magic kind with puppets and macho rock stars?”

The end tag was good, too. “What clearance level are you?”

All this plus Nathan Fillion and Roxy Music.

I really enjoyed the Nathan Fillion and Robert Patrick cameos.

It was interesting that Community and Parks & Recreation both had plotlines dealing with navigating through bureaucracy.

Very good episode, with too many good moments to list.

I missed that. Nice catch!

I loved the Britta/Abed Game of Thrones plotline, too.

…in the Gulf of Mexico.

So I assume they’re being held in Galveston for ransom.

I was hoping that Nathan Fillion would have a scene with Chang, because we know from last week that he’s Chang’s same-sex celebrity crush, but his cameo was still funny.

I noticed that. Both featured the main characters negotiating a chain of favors to get something they wanted done. It reminded me of early episodes of MAS*H in which Radar made a series of trades to get necessary supplies.

They completely Fat Dogged that episode!

I really enjoyed that episode. The spoiler wars of “Bloodlines of Conquest” actually reminded me of the Straight Dope ;). And even though Britta was super mean to Abed in the end, I am glad he got reunited with Rachel - let’s hope she sticks around because Abed needs to bounce off someone, and Troy is… you know, with pirates.

“Non-celebrity” sailing companion.
“They really get the incest right”.

Definitely a fun episode. (But when did John Oliver join the save Greendale committee?) (And I was disappointed we didn’t get to see any clips of fake-Game-of-Thrones a la Inspector Spacetime.)

There were at least three Gary Oldman references in the episode for some reason. I wonder if there were some that I missed? (Abed mentions him, Annie does the EEVVVEERYYONE shout from The Professional, and there was something else that I’m forgetting.) Not sure how that relates to Game of Thrones or Labyrinth.

Also, I sniffled a bit during the credits when the folder paper skipped over Donald Glover’s bit.

I went searching for the “Fat Dog” Wikipedia entry but didn’t see one. I’m surprised the show or some fan hadn’t made one yet.

Well, there’s your Save Greendale project.

Excellent episode. “In my defense, it was the year of the gas leak”. Loved the Roxy Music - “more than this” indeed.

As I recall he joined a microsecond after Britta, or after finding out she was a member. I think he’s attracted to her.

“Take the books off your head, we’re done posturing.”

I love Garrett so much–he cracks me up every time.

Best episode of the season!

This was one of my favorite “just an episode” episodes in a while. No real gimmick or hook or angle, just excellent, tightly-plotted Greendale hijinks.

I too was reminded of the MAS*H episode with the trades (wasn’t it a new boot that was the first item looked for?)

Anyone knew who played the deaf girl? (she isn’t in IMDB)

The spoiler thing was fun - and Britta did have SOME justification (though it does bring up the how long are spoilers spoilers? debate - esp if the person is deliberately delaying starting to watch something)

I hope for more Paget Brewster, but probably not likely.


And I was reminded less of MASH and more of the unending series of fetch quests in jRPGs and other similar games.