Competitive BBQ

Is anyone else plannig to watch The National BBQ Showdown? I just saw that this was going to be on this Saturday. I can’t be the only one this appeals to. Well, actually, I bet I can.

I’ve watched a lot of those barbecue competitions (and other cooking and baking competitions) on Food Network. Some of them make for fascinating television, with lots of drama.

I don’t know how you guys watch that stuff. When I see it on, I just sit, salivate, and wallow in my own BBQ ineptitude.

I don’t know if you’ve ever been, but there’s a lot more salivating involved if you go to the actual competition.

I bet! I’ve never been able to attend a barbecue competition, chili cookoff, or any other sort of food festival or contest, but I’ve always wanted to.

My best friend’s uncle used to have a team, which was actually a bunch of guys from his catering business. Half the fun of events like that is the performance you get just walking by the competitors. Each of them is trying not omly to win, but also to make some kind of impression. And they only had about 45 seconds to catch your eye.