Complaints, questions and observations

OK, so now I’ve paid my 595 mini-sheckels and that makes me entitled to kibitz or kvetch, right? (Just kidding) I’ve politely waited, but there is a limit…

RE: Smilies

This happened at the version 2->3 changover. The smack, wally, dubious and happy othodox jewish man smilies do not display on my screen (IE 6 shows a box with a red “x” and text for the icon’s name). All others look OK, although their sickly yellow color is depressing (I know, I know, I’ll talk to my therapist). Since the missing ones are all custom, and the good ones are VB defaults, that would seem to be a clue as to the problem. FYI, I am using IE 6.0 on a PC – haven’t tried another computer or browser.

RE: Significance of colors and bolding

In my CP, New Subscribed Threads page, I have blue bold, blue not bold, gray bold and gray not bold text for the thread titles. I am a little confused as to what these each mean, and do they indicate something different from the envelope icons (closed, open, and whatever)?

RE: Options

My “Include Sig Line option” defaults to ON (looks like Lynn’s does, too, from her snappy sig!). I would like to make the default OFF, but I can’t find an option in the CP to do that. There used to be one in 2.x, I believe – is that gone forever?

RE: Quick Post box

Yet another request to hack that code, tote that barge to get our Quick Reply box back.

RE: Moderators list by forum

Just another request that we can see the mods for each forum. It’s a useful detail. Is that no longer a vB option?

RE: Neato! A way to link to and show a single post, in a single, new screen. The code appears to be:


where PPPPPP is the post number and NN is the postcount number (from the upper right corner of the post). Note the syntax uses showpost, not showthread. The equivalent display the way we usually see it would be:


…where both PPPPPP’s have to be the same post number.

[Columbo]Oh, just one more thing…[/Columbo]

The closing post by Ed Zotti in this thread about WallyM7 points to thread #28219, which doesn’t seem to exist. Was this deliberately removed or a casualty of time and space?


RE: Smilies

The smilies you mention do not display correctly on anyone’s screen. We are yet to upload those smilies. We will do so shortly, although I have to admit that it isn’t priority right now. We are being deluged by errors, problems and complaints regarding the switch over, and it is taking up all of our time right now.

RE: Significance of colors and bolding

I have blue bold,
A thread is blue when you haven’t visited it. blue bold means new post in thread since your last visit to the forum.

blue not bold
If you didn’t click on a blue bold thread on your previous visit, the blue bold threads will change to blue not bold. Which means that there still is a new post in there that you haven’t read, but there have been no further posts since your last visit. And since the thread is blue, it means you haven’t read the thread yet.

gray bold
If you visit a thread it turns grey. gray bold means the same thing as blue bold, except that it means you have visited the thread in the past.

and gray not bold
gray not bold means the same as blue not bold, except that you have visited the thread in the past.

Note: These are my assumptions of the colour scheme, and may be wrong. Perhaps others can confirm.

RE: Options

This is a global default and can only be set to OFF by an adminstrator. My understanding is that this will be done shortly.

RE: Quick Post box

This code will be added in the near future.

RE: Moderators list by forum

The list is there. Only it’s at the bottom of each forum and often people don’t see it.

RE: Neato! A way to link to and show a single post, in a single, new screen.
This is a feature of version 3.0.0

Very unfortunately, the WallyM7 thread that Zotti links to is lost. It was lost in one of the upgrades to the board software.

There’s also a new tag that came with this release:

[post=nnnnn]post name[/post]

After you get the post id by hovering over the quote button, just plug it in and voila! It generates the URL for the thread and comes up positioned to that post. Much easier than manually constructing the URL like we had to before.

[post=4688094]Your second post in this thread[/post]

Hey rowrrbazzle, that’s a neat feature.

Extending that logic I tried with [thread=<thread number>] and it works the same way :slight_smile: This is neat.


Like this:

[thread=nnnnnn]Thread Name[/thread]

Now i’m paying for a service I expect access to improve and not be down most of the morning, every morning as it seems from this UK perspective.

Test -

[post=4596937]Random post[/post]

[thread=2348] Random thread[/thread]
Blimey that’s fe**ing cool!

The board goes down for maintenence between 9:30am and 10:30am GMT.
And since you’re paying just over 2 pence a month I would go around demanding improvements.

<smack> make that “wouldn’t”

<smack> make that 22 pence. Still dirt cheap though.

It’s inaccessible from this side of the Atlantic for a lot longer than that and once America wakes up can be as slow as a sloth in the afternoon even over a high-speed link. If you take the money you have to provide the service IMO.

They never promised the service would improve. Basically we 're paying to keep the SDMB running as is. Improvements may come in the future, but that would depend on how everything is going.

Oh, and the board is down here in Australia between 1900 and 2000 I/K (Darwin time), that ties in with 0930 - 1030 Z (GMT). I don’t have any problems outside that hour, though it is a little irritating, as that is the time I’m most likely to be online.

[nitpick]At current exchange rates, it’s actually more like 22.5 (New Israeli) Shekels - or just under 2 NIS a month. If I didn’t register and saved up the Shekels, I could buy a Falafel after half a year :)[/nitpick]


In case you hadn’t noticed - they are providing the service. And they’ve been providing it for 5 years without taking the money.