Comprehensive online Type 2 diabetic meal planner?

Okay…I’ll admit it. I’ve been really lousy at managing both my weight and my Type 2 diabetes. I’ve been following the General Chaos Meal Plan for the last couple of years (basically, no meal plan…I eat what’s here, and sometimes what shouldn’t be here but I buy just so I can eat it). I currently have no exercise regimen. I’d really like to start to eat like I’m supposed to, but every time I read about exchanges and whatnot I get confused and it gets really old when you have to re-read the information every single day to figure out what you’re allowed to eat.

Does anyone know a good comprehensive online source for figuring out what I need to do? I know my very best option is to see a dietician to help me figure it out, but I really can’t afford the $25 copay for however many visits the dietician’s going to want. I went through that four years ago when I was first diagnosed and it obviously didn’t stick.

I want to do things right, but I just don’t understand HOW to do things right in this context. I can’t really explain why I’m having problems “getting” the whole concept, but it just feels like I’m grasping for the specifics when I read about this stuff and keep sliding off instead of grabbing it.

I really need to get a handle on this. I’ve been letting it slide for too long already and I guess the possible consequences of ignoring it finally hit me. I’m not asking for medical advice here, just nutritional advice, and possibly a pointer to a good website to guide me through the whole thing. The medical advice will be given by my actual doctor on Monday at my next regular appointment. :smiley:

Learn about the Glycemic Index. There’s info on-line, and several excellent books. It will help you lose weight and keep your blood glucose low.

free, and tolerable ok.

Do try to save up the money to get to your doctor again soon… and double check with your insurance company, they also have resources…and frequently they will pay the whole nick for the nutritional consult, the are getting better at preventative med!

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