Compulsive habits on the SDMB

How many of you have the compulsive habit of clicking on links attached to messages here? I for one do.

Are there any other compulsive habits that you guys have and would like to share?


Move over Satan. :wink: Now there’s something meatier.

I think it is wierd you are so obsessed with the small wonder stuff. :wink:

I am a compulsive poster…in fact, this ispost #992!!!

What happens at 1000? Do I get a bonus round?
<font face=Symbol>kellibelli</font>

Thanks about the comment on my weirdness factor Kelli. Small Wonder is this weeks obsession. I hope to go to the doctor and get some Prozac ™. Wait a second. Doesn’t Prozac ™ turn you into a child-killing monster as was stated in the Guns Don’t Kill People thread in the Great Debates?

I will leave it at that. I hope to be over the Small Wonder thing by Monday.


Move over Satan. :wink: Now there’s something meatier.

If you become a child killing monster, does that mean you won’t have access to the Small Wonder website anymore? More importantly, would that mean I could quit seeing that dang link, feel a perverse need to click on it, and then relive the pain and shambles that has become my life ever since I first visited that insane waste of bandwidth!!!

Please SqrlCub, save me from myself.

You know when you’ve got it made? When you get your name in the crossword puzzles

If you do turn into a monster that kills small children, or reasonable facsimiles, we all know a web site that you should go visit first… :wink:

Sqrlcub…besides having the neatest name…you are very funny.
Post #993!

WOOHOO! The most popular girl thinks I’m funny…looking. HEY! (Feigns indignation) :wink: I figured the Small Wonder thread would die fairly quickly. It is after all the epitome of all that was bad in the 80’s. :slight_smile: You can tell I have no life when I was actually able to quote from it. (The iron on patch thing) (Actually, I was in some form of a masochistic stupor. I was unable to back away from that site. It is like heroin.) YIKES! PAGING DOCTORJ, paging DoctorJ, therapy is now in session. Sorry about that diatribe.
I’m better now.
I won’t mention that show again.
I don’t even think about VICI.
Uh oh.

Back to therapy for me.
BTW Kelli, When you get to the 1000 mark we will all give you a big hug. (it may be on Tuesday for me) And thanks for liking my name.


Move over Satan. :wink: Now there’s something meatier.

Damned pager!!! Always going off at the most inconvienient times!

Aw, CRIPES, who unlocked the squirrel cage?

::melodically:: C’mon SqrlCub, come with doctor! Time go go play with the pretty ink blots again!

::Hissing:: Nurse Kelli, I hope you have learned your lesson. Humoring the patients is a very dangerous game. Now go get the restraining straps and follow me. Oh, and grab a couple of straps for SqrlCub, too, will ya.

Doc, NOW you’ve done it…I’m picturing kellibelli dressed up like Lee Meredith as The Nurse in THE SUNSHINE BOYS. Now I’m stuck sitting behind my desk until the image fades.

[kelli, you gonna use your 1,000th post to savage me for the above?]