Computer: Allow scripts to run?

All of a sudden, every time I switch to a new screen on my computer, I get an Internet Explorer box pop up that says, “Scripts are usually safe. Do you want to alow scripts to run?” Have to click yes or no. How do I stop this dang thing?

Is this in Internet Explorer, or just regular Explorer, viewing folders and stuff? If it’s just Internet Explorer, you can find the settings in Tools->Internet Options->“Security” tab->“Custom Level…” button. In the “Scripting” section, you should be able to set “Active Scripting” from “Prompt” to “Enable”.

If it’s not just IE, then I’m not so sure. Back in Windows 98, they had that silly “web view” that included some JavaScript to display information in the side panel of Explorer views, but I don’t think that would give that warning, and anyway it wouldn’t apply unless you’re using Windows 98…