Script Error on Running Web Pages? All Computer Geeks Come And Help!

I have a rather annoying computer problem that has always existed. It doesn’t really interfere with my web surfing all that much, but I’d rather be without it.

Sometimes, when I open a web page, it says that there is an error running scripts on that page. On the bottom, it asks if I’d like to continue running scripts on this page. I usually hit no and go on with surfing. I see no difference in the webpage. How can I fix this?

It depends what browser you’re using. I can only give you the answer for Internet Explorer 5:

Select the Tools menu, then Internet Options…. In the pop-up box, select the Advanced tab, and in the list of check boxes make sure that Display a notification about every script error is unchecked.

Oldham athletic, surely not UD.

Well, yes, thanks UD

…and the point of posting the entire HTML code of my website was what, exactly?

[Note: The post was by a user named “Universal Dialect”, and contained nothing but HTML source code. Since it added nothing to the discussion, I deleted it. --Chronos]

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I should tell you that I am using America Online 6.0. Now, don’t go crazy telling me I shouldn’t use it. It’s free and I like it. AND, not everyone using AOL 6.0 has troubles with scripts, so there must be something unusual.

I don’t know how mattk figured out what type of computer you have in order to answer it, but wowzee, he must be clever.

Usually scripts that don’t complete are new scripts but you’re using an old browser, but AOL 6 is not old. Maybe you could ask about it at or one of the tons of AOL newsgroups?