Computer games with realistic continuity?

A friend is wanting PC adventure games like FABLE and THIEF but which have real-life continuity, such as a day/night cycle, aging, hair & beard growth, marrying and having children- almost like a cross with the Sims. Does anyone know any games like this?

I know Elder Scrolls: Oblivion has a daily life cycle, but I don’t know whether NPCs have events like getting married or having kids. There is (to my understanding) a functioning economy between all the NPCs, though.


He’s after Fable 2, which isn’t yet out, and to a much lesser extent Fable 1 which is already out. Assuming they keep all the things they’ve said they’ll have, there will be marriage, a kid, day/night changes. Fable 1 just has day/night, marriage and aging (you can get a hair cut, but I don’t think it grows) and lasting scars.

Elder Scrolls: Oblivion has day/night and some weather. The NPCs kind of go about a cycle of home, work, pub, but no marriage (and in fact, there are no children in the entire game).

But the asging in Fable is horribly wrong. I remember when I played it I was barely an adult when I left the academy/training place, then just went around and got experience and whatnot to level up before doing a lot of missions, and suddenly I was almost 50.

Yep. Instead of age giving you experience, experience gives you age. It’s an interesting game mechanic. I just cheated myself back to a younger age. :slight_smile:

I was disappointed in Fable that you’d couldn’t play a girl character.