Computer GURU's can you help with my archive?

I’m looking for an answer. Can I find an email that may be archived, or deleted? I’ve been using MS Outlook and sometimes when the popup comes up and says do you want to auto-archive I say yes, other times I say no, some times I say later.

It’s not uber important that I find the email…it’s an email that has a picture I want to send to a friend. And the last place I had it was in an email…

I’m running MS Outlook.
And Windows 2000
Is there a file or location that these are usually stored? Can I actually recover a deleted email? Are they stored anywhere. I am not connected to a server… I recently got a new computer that is on some serious steroids… My wife and I are both sing it, and as of late we have lost some files that we can not find, and they usually center around emails. Where do auto archives usually go? Where can I find out, in my outlook?

Thanks in advance for any help.


AFAIK, archived messages go into a file called Archive.pst, which is a ‘personal folder’ file not unlike the ordinary one in which current messages are kept.

In Outlook 2002 you can go to Tools|Options|Other|AutoArchive to see the full path of the archive file. As Mangetout said, it’s usually called archive.pst. Go to File|Open|Outlook Data File and select that file. It should appear above or below your normal set of Personal Folders in the Folder List.

These instructions will need to be altered slightly for other versions of Outlook.

While in your Inbox in Outlook, go to File–>Open–>Outlook Data File… and you should see a file called “archive.pst”, which you want to go ahead and open.

If you’re just using the Outlook Bar to navigate Outlook, you’re not going to see the archive, so check View–>Folder List. You should see two roots in the folder list. One will be “Personal Folders”, and the other will be the newly-opened “Archive Folders”.