MS Outlook Question

In our firm we have MS Outlook for emails. Recently the IT dept had a fit because people had 1000’s of emails dating back to the Cro-Magnum era and it was eating up server space. Everyone had to clean out their emails.

So I dragged my emails into multiple new folders on my desktop.
So far so good.
However, in these folders I can now only see the title of the email, but can no-longer see the name of who sent the email unless I go in and open each email. This is a big problem as most of the info I need to look up is based upon who sent it, not the title of the email.
Is there any way to change this format of emails in standard file folders on a desktop so I can see the name of the person who sent it?

Have you tried to go to View — Current View ----- Customize Current View to show the fields that you want to see in each new folder?

(Shag, if you drag a message from your inbox to some other non-outlook place, it saves it as a .msg file with a filename that is the same as the subject line. OP wants to know if there’s another option for filenaming.)

Not that I know of, but there’s a better way to do what you want to do.

Right click on your mailbox, select Properties, then Autoarchive. Autoarchive can be configured to move or delete emails older than a certain age. If you want to save them, you can set up an archive folder, which will live on your local drive. So when they are archived, they will move off of the server.

You can open the archive file and view it exactly like your online folders, getting all the same view options, search capabilities, etc.

Read up on “autoarchive” in Outlook help.

Sorry about that. I believe your solution is correct. I read the question as if the OP was using an archive already.

I’ll just chime in that if you don’t want the archiving to happen automatically because you’re a control freak (several people in my office seem to be, with me one of them,) you can do the same thing manually by using the outlook file menu to create a new ‘personal folders’ file or PST file, create folders inside it, and move old messages there. When you want to add messages to your archive you can just open it up again, move it, and close the archive. It’s really very simple.

Well, I think I have screwed it up big time, but will have to work on it again Monday as I am out of the office until then.

I created a .pst file, then dragged a regular file full of emails into the .pst file and though the properties all show the emails must be in there, I can’t access them anymore.

I probably should something I am loathe to do - read the damned directions and help notes in Outlook.

Will try again Monday morning when brain has refreshed.

Thanks for the tips, and will read this thread over again before I try to undo what I have done.