Problems archiving in MS Outlook (2000)

I recently upgraded from just having MS Word on my computer, and got the whole MS Office 2000 program. Included in this program is MS Outlook, which i loaded to replace my old Outlook Express 6.

I seem to have been successful in getting all my old OE6 email messages into the new Outlook. The problem i’m having relates to archiving these email messages using the new Outlook.

My filing system for emails goes by year, and within each year i have allocated a folder to each different person, in which i have placed all emails that i received from that person, as well as all emails that i sent that to person.

I wanted to archive the emails for all the old years (2000 through 2003), so i did the following:

Went to File/Archive, and selected the main folder holding all these old folders. I selected the radio button that says “Archive this folder and all subfolders.” Then i clicked the “OK.” The bar at the bottom right indicated that stuff was being archived, and everything looked like it was going fine.

However, when it was finished, it had only archived the emails that i received. All the emails that i sent are still hanging out in the original folders, and have not been added to the archive.

Does anyone know why this happened, and whether i can do anything to rectify the situation? I’m sure i’ve probably just missed some very simple step, but i can’t for the life of me figure out what it is. I’ve looked in “Help” and there seems to be no answer to my problem.

Any assistance would be much appreciated.

Were the sent items modified more recently than the date in the Archive items older than: field?

No. They were all imported into the new Outlook at the same time. Also, i told the program to archive every file created before yesterday, so it shouldn’t have made a difference, i don’t think.

I haven’t been able to replicate this behavior in Outlook 2000. You might try double-checking the Modified dates using the procedure in KB article 197981. Also, have you applied all the patches from Office Update?

No, i haven’t done that.

But i do seem to have solved the problem, at least for practical purposes. I’ve found that if i use the “Export” function rather than the “Archive” function, all the messages get exported to a .pst file. This is really what i wanted in the first place, because the purpose of the exercise was really to create a backup file of all messages that i could save and burn to disc, in case of computer crash or something.

Also, using “Export” allows me to create the file while leaving the messages themselves available for easy viewing in Outlook, whereas archiving removes the messages from Outlook when creating the .pst file.

Despite having solved the problem, however, i will look at the article you recommended, and download the patches for Office. Many thanks for your advice.