Computer help (cookies, temp internet files??)

I’m not computer savvy and I’m new here so bear with me.

I visited the Big Brother 2 site at once and it attached to my computer or something. Whenever I start to type or something, the official BB2 site shows up on the address bar drop-window. It’s no big deal but it is just really annoying.

I have tried everything to get rid of it and it is the only website that does this. I did delete temp internet files, delete cookies, clear history, clear passwords, and clear forms on the internet options window. I want the autofill feature but for some reason this particular site keeps showing up and it bugs the hell out of me.

Please help. Thanks.

Which browser? Internet Explorer or Netscape?

Make sure you realize wha browser you are using and if you’re not clearing those files from within the browser (say if you try to delete the files from the folders instead) that you are clearing the history from the CORRECT browser.

In IE:

[ul][li]Go Tools menu > Internet Options > Clear History button.[/li]Also go Tools menu > Internet Options > Advanced tab > uncheck the Use inline AutoComplete box[/ul]


Sorry, I just re-read the end of your post.

What you’ve already done should have done the trick, but obviously not. I have the same problem with a site that won’t leave: I just gave up and got used to it.

try a cookie manager from otherwise you can copy your bookmarks then uninstall & reinstall your browser, I suppose.