computer network help

I need to copy a bunch of files from my desktop to my laptop…how would I go about doing that without having to use a crossover? I already have them networked, but I don’t know how to tap into the desktop and take what I need. How would you do it?

By “already have them networked,” you are meaning the two computers are part of the same network already, right?

(Note: The below is only relevant if you are using Windows, and that sharing is enabled on whatever you are wanting to get via the network) :slight_smile:

If so, then you could probably start with going to “Network Neighborhood,” and see if the respective computer is visible there.

If not, then one easy way (there are several) would be to have one computer try to access the other compter by explicitly referencing it by its IP address. Depending on what version of Windows you are running, there are a couple ways of getting a computer’s IP address.

(Do this on the computer that has the file you want)
Windows98(and probably ME) – goto Start->Run-> type “winipcfg”
Windows2K/XP – goto Start->Run-> type “cmd”, then type “ipconfig” at the command line

(Do this on the computer that wants to get the file)
Goto Start->Run-> and type backslash backslash ipaddress (for example “\”)

Does this help?


So from my laptop I need to put the desktop’s ip addy in order to tap into it? Should I go “cmd” then do the \ipaddress or type in the IPADD at the first prompt after selecting “run”?

Just type it into the text box that shows up after you select “Run.”
Biding complications, you should then have access to the desktop. :slight_smile: