Computer poker game recommendation

Looking for a recommendation for a good computer poker game. I’ve done the online poker thing and would rather just play for fun (and fake money). But with the “real” poker sites, playing for play money makes the play very unpredictable and frustrating to me. I can’t count the number of times you get someone who just joins for a short while and then plays with no logic or plan because it IS play money and they don’t care if they blow their stack of chips in 5 minutes or less.

I recently bought “Governor of Poker 2” when it was on sale at Steam. I’ve been playing that now for a while and while it’s fun, I have to agree with some of the reviews I’ve read elsewhere that the AI players cheat (or are just stupid). They regularly will go all in with unsuited 2-7 or similarly poor hands.

I’m looking for another computer poker game that perhaps has better AI. Doesn’t need to have any real multi-player in it - I’m happy playing against the AI. Just looking for something a bit more realistic.

Any suggestions???

Try the current Hoyle Casino or Hoyle Card Games. The former has poker, black jack, roulette, craps, and slots while the latter has poker and a bunch of other card games like bridge, spades, rummy, cribbage, and a generic Mille Bournes. AI seems pretty competent.

You might be able to find just Hoyle Poker in a discount bin if those other games don’t interest you. I have the 2006 versions and certainly got my 20 bucks’ worth out of Card Games.