Was there ever a good PC Poker game?

I’ve always thought it’s be cool if someone could come out with a Poker game for the PC that actually was quality.

I mean one that actually has you read the other players(computer ones) and see if they are bluffing, look for signs and the like. Most of them end up just being about luck, with weak A.I.

Anyone ever play one worth anything? The only one I’ve played that was even mediocre was one by Hoyle, released by Sierra.

Absolutely, Masque’s World Series of Poker is simply awesome:

The above link is for the Windows edition, I have the DOS edition, so I can’t speak for the Windows version, but the screenshots seem to be similar.

The graphics are nothing special, but the AI is really nice. WSOP takes place at Binions Horseshoe Casino, the actual site of the WSOP.

Basically you have to win a satellite against 10 other players to make it into the actual WSOP. I’ve played about 50 satellites, and made it I think twice! I mean, the other players are that good, and yes, they bluff the shit out of you.

There’s also blackjack, slots, etc… I’d try it.

I’ve found Hoyle’s Poker pretty enjoyable.

First of all there is a great deal of variety. I think there are about 20 different games to play. You can play a “home game” with dealer’s choice – play with casino rules – or enter tournaments.

The characters are animated, and I think the idea is to figure out there “tells”, but I haven’t really done that yet. Some characters are easy to peg though. For example, the Grandma character never bets at all unless she has decent hand to begin with. And when she does bet, she does it large, so with her, you know when to get out.

There is speech to go with the characters, but I’m not sure if it’s patterned to bluff or what-not, or if it’s all random.

Anyway, it’s a “Classics” title, so you can probably pick it up for around ten bucks or so.

Did you know that Hoyle Card Games 2001 includes poker?