Computer Problem OS=XP Printer issue

My HP 5610 stopped printing. I thought it was a driver issue so I uninstalled the printer then reinstalled it.

XP Shows the printer in Device Manager but it doesn’t show under Printers & Faxes.

I did get an error that said “the specified port is unknown”

The unit does scan so I know the PC can talk to it. Any ideas/suggestions?

It sounds like the driver is corrupted, or the printer has died.

When you uninstalled and reinstalled, did you tell it to keep the current driver or install a new one? If you kept the current driver, try that again and tell it to install the driver from the disc that came with the printer and overwrite the existing one.

If that doesn’t work, try downloading and installing the driver fresh from HP’s site.

You might try a different USB port on your computer (I’m assuming USB, not parallel), although since the scanner works I wouldn’t hold a lot of hope for that one.

As mentioned above, it’s possible that the printer portion of your Printer/Scanner/Copier has died, in which case Windows probably just won’t recognize it, and it will have to be replaced. To make sure, try installing the printer on a different computer. If you get a similar error, chances are the printer is toast.

It’s not prompting me for drivers so I assume it’s using the ones located on the PC somewhere. I hooked the unit up to a 2003 server which they say it won’t work with and was able to print a test page so I know the printer part works.

I would just keep it on the 2003 server but I need to use the scanning functions also and don’t want to scan to the 2003 Server system and yes it is USB

Ok I think the problem is with my registry. According to a MS KB I should have the following entries
* BJ Language Monitor
* Local Port
* PJL Language Monitor
* Standard TCP/IP Port
* USB Monitor

in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Print\Monitors

I only have Local Port.

Can someone look in their registry on an XP PRO Sp3 system and tell me the ocntents of the other keys.

My settings are:

Key: BJ Language Monitor
Under that I have one value, a REG_SZ named “Driver”, which has the value “cnbjmon.dll”

Key: Local Port
Under that I have one value, a REG_SZ named “Driver”, which has the value “localspl.dll”

Key: PJL Language Monitor
Under that I have two values, a REG_SZ named “Driver”, which has the value “pjlmon.dll”, and a REG_DWORD named “EOJTimeout”, which has the hexadecimal value “ea60”.

Key: Standard TCP/IP Port
Under that I have one value and one sub-key. The value is a REG_SZ named “Driver”, which has the value “tcpmon.dll”. The sub-key is “Ports” and has two values, both REG_DWORD. The first is named “StatusUpdateEnabled” and has a value of 1. The second is named “StatusUpdateInterval” and has the hexadecimal value “a”.

Key: USB Monitor
Under that I have one value, a REG_SZ named “Driver”, which has the value “usbmon.dll”
It’s possible that if you downloaded the current driver off of HP’s site and ran the install, it would check for and re-create the registry values it needs.

your easiest solution is most likely going to be just downloading a new driver. or possibly having to delete the current driver THAN downloading a new one. Don’t screw around in the registry, it’s just bad news (seriously microsoft, get with the times, why do you even USE a registry?!)

I’d also check for compatibility issues with updated versions of XP. Seems like there is a bit of a lag between Microsoft’s updates and HP’s drivers. Pain in the arse, but unistalling and re-installing my HP all-in-one sometimes helps, after I’ve downloaded the updated printer driver.