HP printer problem

The printer won’t start up. It’s stuck on verifying on the display. I have tried a bunch of fixes but none have worked. I could get it repaired but printers are so cheap now it’s almost easier to buy a new one. It might be OK if I can take out the ink and put it back but I cannot access those cartridges.

Anyone ? Bueller? Bueller?

It seems obvious but have you pulled the power cord and reconnected it? That might reset things enough that it works. Or at least it might allow you to get to the cartridges.

Cannot access those cartridges???

Keep in mind, new printers come with "starter’ cartridges that won’t get you anywhere near the number of prints that OEM or even third party cheap ones can make.

I have unplugged it about 10 times.

What is the model of the printer?

Every HP printer I’ve ever had was designed with an entirely manual opening to the cartridge area, so that you could access the cartridges regardless of the state of the printer.

I’ve had to contact the manufacturer when something weird like that happens. (Their website probably has useful info, but you might have to sit by the phone for a while as a technician goes through steps with you.)

I can access the ink cartridges but cannot take them out since the tray is stuck at one end

I have forcibly moved the tray thing out of the way when I wanted to remove the cartridges. (I found out the hard way that if you leave an HP inkjet printer sitting around upside down, the cartridges will leak and possibly end up on your shoes. So now I remove them before putting the printer out for disposal.)

It was still under warranty so I get new printer for free. : )