Computer Question: How to open this?

How do i open a file with the extention .ncd? What application to use?

Google is your friend.

.ncd is the file extension for either Norton Change Directory or NTI CD Maker. The site has links to where you can find info for both those, I believe.

It could be one of several things. What do you think the file is, how large is it, what directory is it located in, etc?

The most common use in the past was probably Norton’s Commander which used it for quick directory changes, but that’s a pretty old app that isn’t used much anymore.

how large is it? Its 601mbs, a downloaded file

Sounds like a proprietary CD image, so Spoofe’s suggestion of NTI’s CD Maker is probably correct.

Here is the info from their website, but it doesn’t look like it’s an ISO image, so you’d probably need their software to do it.

You can try I use it a lot. Just put any extension in their search box & youll find
a shareware program to open it.