Computer question: Microphone won't let me hear audio

So I have this dell laptop and there’s only two inputs, one for headphones one for microphone in. I’m trying to record vocals using the microphone in, and it can record the audio – but I can’t hear it while I’m saying it. I don’t see anything muted… I’ve looked around a bunch of properties and such but am stumped. This would be a major help if someone could figure this out on how to get it so I can hear AS I record. It’s a Sigmatel C-Major Audio driver.

Do you see an indication on the recording software of incoming signal when you speak into the mic? If that part works, you open Windows Mixer (double click on the speaker icon in the systray or go to START | RUN and type sndvol32.exe in the box and OK. First thing that comes up is the Playback side. Check the boxes for Mic and Wave, and if there’s one called What You Hear. Then go to Properties, select Recording, and check the box under Mic. If that still doesn’t work, it’s one of two things. Either the computer has a protection thing where it mutes the speakers when the mic is engaged to prevent feedback. Or it’s not a full-duplex sound card and cannot process both input and output simultaneously. There’s my two cents.

Sorry, it’s early. One more thing: when you’re in the mixer, make sure the volume sliders for Mic and Wave and/or What You Hear are set to about 3/4 of the way up in both Playback and Recording properties.

Yeah, I’ve got all the levels right. I think what you said about it not being a full duplex card is probably the answer. crap.

I answered the question in the General Forum. You have two threads going.

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