Computer related: Can't hear myself on the microphone

So I have this dell laptop [yeah, I know… a dell laptop] and there’s only two inputs, one for headphones one for microphone in. I’m trying to record vocals using the microphone in, and it can record the audio – but I can’t hear it while I’m saying it. I don’t see anything muted… I’ve looked around a bunch of properties and such but am stumped. This would be a major help if someone could figure this out on how to get it so I can hear AS I record. It’s a Sigmatel C-Major Audio driver. Anyone know why I can’t hear myself as I’m talking?

It is recording though I take it. The volume control panel has to have the "line out’ mute box unchecked and the “line out” volume turned up. You need to add the line out box to visable components if it’s not visable in the volume control panel. A double click on the speaker icon in the lower right of the task bar, brings up the complete volume control panel and a single click only the main volume.