Need Some Podcast Help, Please? (Volume)

I have signed on with, because it is free (even though I have to pause for an ad), but I am having trouble hearing myself on playback.

The mic I am using is the same one I sang with when I did my single cd, so I know it’s a farly good one. (Shure SM5B).

The sound on my mixer is turned up as high as it will go, but I come through very muffled and am hard to hear.

I am attching a couple of screenshots and I’m on Vista.



Go to Control Panel/Hardware and Sound/Sound/Manage Audio Devices/Recording, select the Microphone and then click on Configure and click on Set Up Microphone. Follow the steps shown.

ETA: I’m on Windows 7, so I can’t give you the exact path on Vista, but look for something similar under Sounds and Audio devices.