Computer Question (Windows 98)

Whenever I boot up my computer, the “New Hardware Wizard” window pops up, and tells me that new hardware has been detected. But when I click “next,” “search,” or “install” (I forget the exact name of the button, there’s only two buttons, and it’s the one that’s NOT “Cancel”) it tells me that no new hardware has been found.

Is there a way turn the “New Hardware Wizard” off, so it doesn’t pop up every single time I turn on my computer? Is there a good reason why the “New Hardware Wizard” pops up when, in fact, there is no new hardware?


It sounds like there is some device on the computer that isn’t properly installed.

Right click on “My Computer,” choose “Properties” and then go to the “Device manager.” Check to see if there is a device with a red or yellow mark by its name. Then find the software for that device and, when the message comes up again, select it manually from the disk containing the software.

This is a common problem with USB under Win98. Do you have any USB devices connected to the computer? If so, those may be triggering the Hardware Wizard. Unfortunatly there is no simple way to turn off the Hardware Wizard.

Try this.

Right click on your My Computer Icon. Select properties and left click it.

Go to the Device Manager tab. Look for a section labeled “Unknown Devices”. I should have a yellow question mark and be towards the bottom of the list. If this does not exist then there is no new “Unknown” hardware in the system.

Sounds good. I’ll try it out. Thanks!