computer question

I have windows 7 with Hotmail.
When I would put an event on my calendar, I would be reminded the day before in my email. For the last couple of weeks, I do not get this reminder.
I checked in the options and I am supposed to get a reminder. I do not !
Does anybody know why I don’t and what I can do to get the reminders back.
Please answer in very plain talk. I have very limited skill with a computer.

Have you checked your junk email or spam folder to see if the notifications are going there rather than in your inbox?

What “calender” function/tool/app are you using?

I have Hotmail for my email, along with that I have a calendar that I can note events.
I used to get reminders in my emails for the events, I no longer get them.
My email works fine and the calendar works,except for the fact that I no longer get reminders. I checked my options and they are correct. I should be getting reminders.
This stopped about a month ago.
I cannot get an answer from Microsoft, Hotmail is part of Microsoft.

Interesting… I just tried the Hotmail aka calender function.

Works fine - get the email - if I set it to Email instead of “Notifications on your device” but apparently the device is the default option, when you click onto “View details”

Since I never used the calender in before, I can’t tell if that’s a change in resent times.

However, you must click onto “view details” then choose in Reminders the selection “Email”.

Yes, it started working today (7/18/2015 ).
I don,t know why it works now and I don’t know why it didn’t work up to now.
I don’t care. It works now and that’s all I care about.
I would like to know why it stopped working but that seems to be part of the wide, wonderful world of computers.
Thanks for your help.