Good Calendar Tool?

I recently rebuilt my PC and reinstalled XP and in the process decided to ditch Outlook as my email client since all I was using was Yahoo Mail and Hotmail. The new Web access for both programs is pretty good but I have a couple of things that I really miss.

Alerts when a new message arrives - This was nice since I had my Outlook open all the time and when a new message arrived I was alerted immediately. As a former blackberry user I found this incredibly useful. I can cope without but I would love it Hotmail came up with a way to push an alert through Firefox when an email arrived.

Calendar that has a pop-up reminder for events - This is the most pressing. I’m pretty forgetful and a master procrastinator so having something that I can have pop up on top of all my applications with a sound when I have a task that needs completing would be pretty much mandatory.

I’m sure I’m not the only doper who doesn’t use Outlook and relies on web clients to manage our lives, but is anyone aware of a good replacement for Outlook’s calendar functionality? This would again be a great place for Hotmail to step in with some type of browser integration because I could access my contacts/calendar/mail from anywhere. But I need something where I can at least have my computer whack me in the head if something pressing is happening while I’m sitting at home.

Suggestions are appreciated.

I use this, though it’s not really a calendar as such.

Mozilla does two open-source calendars, Lightning and Sunbird, the former of which is a plugin for the Thunderbird email client. I used Sunbird a while back and I think it does most of what you want.

Personally I use Google calendar, that is consistently brilliant, but you do have to be logged into Gmail for it to function (the new mail popup I get is via the Firefox plugin “Gmail notifier”.)

Will look at the Mozilla ones.

Just got done testing out the Google one and while it’s pretty good I don’t know if I can resort to having another tab open along side Hotmail and Yahoo all the time. Wish Hotmail could get their shit together with something like this. You’d think they’d take advantage of developing IE in order to stuff some proprietary integration for this in IE.


Sunbird looks ok. Not the prettiest thing out there, is it? Will have to nose around a little to see how big a footprint it has.

Is it just me or should something like this be built into XP, IE or Firefox? Weird.

I haven’t used it, but there is a Firefox plugin for Google Calendar called Google Calendar Notifier that might help.

I’m looking into them, and while I like the fact that they are tied into Google so I can access it anywhere, I’m not sure that portability is worth having to be logged into Google/Hotmail/Yahoo all the time in Firefox.

I sound like I’ve drunk the Google Flavor-Aid, but that Gmail Notifier plugin keeps you logged into Gmail in the background, so you don’t have to keep any Gmail tabs alive. It’s an unobtrusive envelope at the bottom of the screen that is grey when logged out, red when logged in, and blue when logged in with new messages.

I hear ya. I’m a fan of a lot of the stuff Google does. And I think the Gmail Notifier would probably do the trick I just am a little hesitant to put too much effort into going the Gmail route and maintaining another online identity.

I suppose my having signed up for Hotmail 12 years ago has me rather attached to it and I’m just frustrated that the Windows Live app isn’t up to snuff. Currently I use Hotmail for all my communications and Yahoo for all my fantasy sports stuff. Adding Google for my calendar just feels too damned polyamorous for me.

It’s probably a stupid thing.