computer won't recognize CD?

I’m trying to load up a mix CD my cousin gave me. When I put it in my computer, the cursor turns to a CD-shape for a moment and my computer gets all whirry, but then nothing happens at all, and even when I search for the CD in Explorer or what have you it tells me to insert a CD…which I already have. I’ve checked by putting other things (including blank discs) into my computer and it read them just fine, so it’s not that. Did I receive a vampire disc?

Is there a possibility that your cousin sent you a DVD rather than a CD, and your computer doesn’t have a DVD reader?

Failing that, did your cousin check the CD before sending it? Depending on the computer, the brand of CD, and several other variables, dead CDs are not uncommon.

Are you using Vista? At work we make CDs for our students. Sometimes when they try to use them they get the messge to insert the disc or to format the disc. If they use the mouse to eject, then reinsert the CD, it works. I have no idea why (or if this is even your problem) but give it a shot.

Have you tried playing the disc on another device to make sure your cuz didn’t accidentally label the wrong disc or send you a disc where the burn attempt failed?

If you’re computer reads other CDs then the person who made the CD didn’t do something right.

Either the CD is poorly burned or it’s not formatted correctly for your computer use, it could be a lot of things.