Computers: WMV conversion

Hey guys,

I have some content that I have recorded and unsuspectingly saved it as a .wmv file, which I now see can not be transferred into a VCD format.

I have googled, helpdesk’ed, newsgroup’ed and all that. I was hoping some Dopers would have some ideas on what I can do to convert .wmv to either AVI or MPGs.

Piece of cake. Here you go. If youonly need to do it once, you can use the free trial version that’s good for 30 days. And yes, I found it with Google. :stuck_out_tongue:

Tried EO Video already. It won’t read the WMV files for some reason. Don’t know why.

The WMV codecs is installed, because the file plays when I’m offline. EO doesn’t tell me that it isn’t installed, so that’s not the problem. I get the error that the file isn’t marked as visible.

If you haven’t allready, try here: