Concerning a cancelled Power of Attorney

You are not my solicitor yada. You’re likely not even in the same jurisdiction.

I’m asking for advice about asking for advice.

My father is taking legal advice seperately.

Background: I’ve been sorting out my aunt’s affairs and have just been officially advised that she’s cancelled the power of attorney (via Deed of Revocation) under which I’ve been operating. The letter states that my aunt is looking to create a new PoA appointing my father and a professional attorney to act jointly.

I am looking to speak to the solicitor on Monday or Tuesday. Possibly the Law Society too. I will be consulting the Trading Standards Department or Citizen’s Advice Bureau as appropriate. I would greatly appreciate Dopers’ advice on what to ask the solicitor. I just want to make sure everything is in order.

Possible issues:

The Deed of Revocation was missing from the original letter (I have emailed her directly about this).
When the solicitor spoke to my father, she mentioned rescheduling their fees. Given the mention in bold above of appointing a professional attorney, I’m concerned about this being at least in part an exercise in fee generation. She also mentioned rewriting my aunt’s will (more fees, of course).
Competence: there’s an official report stating that my aunt’s mental capacity was declining. What questions do I ask about how the solicitor took proper steps to ensure that my aunt was compos mentis at the time of asking for the revocation? My concern is that the solicitor may have bullied her into it, again with possible fee generation in mind.
There is no record of the solicitor’s visits in the care home’s visitors’ book.