Concert riders: why no Evian love?

Crystal Geyser for me as well. Even if it’s just tap water run through a filter, it tastes fine and is cheaper than other bottled waters (or sodas and teas, for that matter). While I don’t mind Evian, it has a distinct taste that gets unpleasant after a half-liter or so, and I wouldn’t drink it if I were in the middle of exercising.

Side note: My wife drinks Contrex, which to me tastes like the pre-colonoscopy bowel-prep solution I had to chug. She claims it’s good for weight loss, I think it’s just because all the magnesium in it has a laxative effect. It’s so mineral-heavy that one glass makes me ill.

Are you sure about that? According to their website the water is bottled at the source. On the way to Mammoth there is a huge bottling plant in Bumfuck Olancha in the shadows of the Eastern Sierras. I’d be willing to bet that it really is fairly pristine Sierra Nevada snowmelt.

Sorry, ambiguous grammar on my part.

“even if it were just tap water…”

Couple points. First, some venues do not allow tobacco or alcohol; for example, if the band played at a college campus, it seems reasonable that tobacco and alcohol would be prohibited.

Second, as Snopes tells us, at least some of these riders are intended to serve as proof (or at least a pretty good clue) that the venue has followed the technical details specified in the contract.

I have a friend who is the graduate assistant for the activities programming board. He’s in charge of fulfilling these requests, and he had a hell of a time finding some of the items for one band. (He didn’t tell me details.) So now they have to negotiate acceptable substitutes. Fun fun.


I’ve sampled most of the bottled water out there and I generally don’t drink purified water, only natural spring water. Deer Park and Poland Spring are the two best I’ve had, and both reasonably priced (both made by Nestle too, IIRC.)