Concerto 5 in E flat Allegro

That is some mad keyboarding!! I there more than one pianist playing at a time cause that seems damn near impossible at about the 8 or 9 minute mark in the song. Can anybody here actually play that song?

Sorry, it wont let me edit right now. What I meant was, there must be more than one pianist playing at a time, thanks

I assume you mean Beethoven’s Fifth Piano Concerto? The short answer is that it’s one pianist, yes. Can I play it? Hell no. I play the violin. I can play “Chopsticks” on a good day.


Both the opening movement and the closing Rondo are directed to be played with tempo allegro. I am assuming you mean the opening movement. I have the score, diddle around wiht it from time to time, have never attempted it at proper tempo, but it really isn’t that hard to play. Actually, back when I was a teen preparing to play in our local young person’s concert, I wish I would have chosen this instead of the Mendelssohn #1 (G-Minor) that I did choose; this is much easier to play, with only the occaisional three-on-two and four-on-three scorings to make you work to get the piece right.
There IS no better second movement of a piano concerto in existence than that of Beethoven’s Fifth concerto. Sublime, extremely lyrical, and with the wonderful kicker of ending on the note of B, with the very simple drop to b-flat by the horn with the pizzicato accompaniment of a bass. Then off we go into the Rondo and a rolicking good time with the variations that are Beethoven’s trademark.