Condom questions

So most of the sex threads are finally half way down the page. Maybe that means this will get some replies since I’m seriously looking for advice! :slight_smile:

I’ve never really experimented with condoms before, the only thing I know for sure about brands is that for whatever reason I can never get Durex* condoms to roll down all the way (making them kind of useless for me).

Since most people here have a bit more experience with me I thought I’d ask:

What’s your (men and women!) favourite brand/type of condom?

Also some gqish questiions:

  1. What exactly is a french tickler?
  2. Does “ribbed for her pleasure” actually make any significant difference?
  3. How about flavoured? Coloured?

*not entirely sure if that’s a brand name or the material

More experience THAN me! Not with! I’m not that easy! :slight_smile:

My girlfriend doesn’t notice much in the way of ribbed/studded/spiky condoms. Only thing I look for is Spermicidal lube (nonoxynol-9).

Well, not to brag (well, OK, I’ll brag) I have to buy the Trojan Magnum condoms, because my penis is larger than average sized. I tried regular condoms, and it was actually very difficult to get them onto me. And more than a couple ended up breaking. I think all the Magnum ones are lubricated with nonoxynol-9, for added protection from unwanted pregnancy.

Also, I’ve used ribbed a few times, and the GF didn’t really notice any difference.

Those ribbed/bumpy/whatever condoms don’t make a dime’s worth of difference for me. The really thin “extra sensitivity” ones might make you have a better time, but most girls don’t really notice the condom.

A note on the Spermicidal lube; if you keep condoms at home for “unexpected guests,” you might want to keep some non-spermicidal condoms around, b/c some girls are allergic to them. Me included. Causes a funky burning that ain’t fun.

Has a condom that properly transfers HEAT ever been invented?

I only ask cause it seems like any one I’ve worn completely negates that feeling of warmth that comes from a nice moist vagina.

I can’t get durex all the way down either! I thought it was because me and the gf were always putting them on the wrong way round! Maybe not…

I certainly do. it feels “rubbery” - mind you, once you get into it you stop noticing…

Is it Durex that makes the “Lifestyles” brand?

Anyways, I prefer Lifestyles over Trojans as Lifestyles have almost no latex smell. Trojans smell awful and all other things being equal I prefer not to have that strong latex smell.

I’ve never tried any of the natural material condoms (usual disclaimer - only to be used for birth control, never for STD’s!) or the fancy japanese saran-wrap types so I can’t tell you how much better they are than the plain old latex types.
Ribbed/pleasure dots/etc according to my wife - “Meh.”

It has been a while since I needed condoms but I had some breakage problems with trojans (and fishing condom pieces from there is no fun at all!)

We ended up using Lifestyles and had good luck with them (no breaking and I didn’t end up pregnant)

The ribbed ones made the wrong kind of friction and certainly did nothing for my pleasure! YMMV

It is important though to have extra water based lube around … even if the condom is lubricated… as it is usually not lubricated enough!

Colored condoms make pretty balloons (non lubricated only thanks) and I never tried flavored ones… I certainly wasn’t going to get pregnant doing that!

We use the Trojan Magnums. They are the only kind we haven’t had any breakage problems with.

I tried the flavored ones once, and they tasted just about how you would expect artificially flavored latex to taste. Blech.

I’ve also tried a couple different kinds of the ribbed. I hated them. Instead of increasing my pleasure, they caused a sensation much like carpet burn. Definitely a mood killer.

I typically use Trojans. They typically use fairly thick rubber. Also, they tend to fit very snug which sometimes leads to breakage problems if you don’t lube the inside first. You really should do that with any condom you use because it feels better for you. Durex condoms do tend to be shorter which is a problem. Lifestyles condoms tend to be a thinner membrane and feel a little better. For what it is worth, I have broken more Lifestyles than Trojans which is why I use the latter.

1) What exactly is a french tickler?

Don’t you mean a freedom tickler? Damn Congress can be moronic. There are a few different kinds. Generally it is a condom or a cock ring that has a harder ridge of soft bumpy things attached. If it is a condom the ridgy bumpy things are typically on the head.

2) Does “ribbed for her pleasure” actually make any significant difference?

I am a guy but I notice the ridges when I bottom. Personally, I think they make a nasty friction that shouldn’t be there and don’t feel good at all.

3) How about flavoured? Coloured?

The mint flavored ones are ok tasting but the fruit ones are foul. I would actually use them though. I used them as emergency condoms once (the mint ones) and they make your culo burn.

The ribbed ones don’t do anything for pleasure but the Durex studded ones. MMMMMMMMM, those are good.

Avanti condoms are made of Urethane (I think!). You certainly pay a premium for them but they are supposedly better for heat transfer. I really can’t say I noticed much of a difference though.

Personally, I like Kimono Micro-thins. They are on the “snug” side, but they are the best “feeling” ones I’ve ever used.

Ridged…eh, I can’t tell the difference. Maybe some people can, but I’m one of those women who doesn’t get all that much from straight intercourse. It feels very very very nice but doesn’t get me anywhere by itself.

Lotsa lube. I don’t (well, didn’t, when I was getting any) really need it without a condom, but with one, definitely.

I’m liking the Lifestyles right now, more feeling than the standard Trojans, and less latex smell. As has been said before, watch out for the spermicidal ones, unless you know your partner isn’t allergic. A friend of mine suggested getting plain condoms and lubricating them yourself, seems like too much work to me, though.

If you don’t like the latex feel/smell, or if one of you is allergic to latex, you might try the Avanti polyurethane condom. It doesn’t stretch like latex, but it’s tougher. Trojan makes a polyurethane condom as well, but it’s smaller (and doesn’t fit me – no joke. A too-small condomhurts!).

If you are looking for heat transfer you can always go for some that are still made out of “natural” maeteials. I find the extra thin Lifestyles and Trojans work well. I haven’t had any trouble with either breaking, but you need to be sure to use extra lube. If you are going at it for a while do nnot be afraid to apply more in the middle of the act. If you go too long without you risk it breaking not to mention it’ll rub her raw.

There are only two reasons to ever not use spermicidally lubricated condoms: 1) she is allergic, 2) for oral sex (why would you want to even use one though)

I will have to support the idea that ribbed are right out. I never had a GF that said they did anything for her and they certainly never helped me.

All this talk reminds me. I had just bought a big 'ol economy size box of the suckers and then left them at the GFs when we broke up. I wonder if there is any good way to ask for them back.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Kimono Micro Thin. Your search is over. Best. Condom. Ever.

I’m sorry, I don’t have a cite, but I read that the nonoxynol-9 spermacide can actually increase a woman’s risk of getting STDs because it is an irritant and can cause a reaction along the vaginal wall. (Thereby making it easier to transmit disease to the woman.) Anyone else hear of this?

I have used condoms with nonoxil-9, and I discovered that my body does react to it, so I don’t have to worry (personally, that is.) But I’m curious if I am remembering correctly something I heard on tv a while ago.