I pit the most overrated brand of condoms - TROJANS

Fuck Trojan condoms.

When I find myself using a condom, it is almost always a Durex, my regular brand. But every now and then I have no choice but to use a Trojan. And every time it is a completely unsatisfactory experience.

The only reason Trojan condoms are the most popular condom is because IT’S THE MOST POPULAR CONDOM. It has brand name recognition - and Trojan is a great name for a product. The packaging also looks a lot better than the competitors.

However the product is always unsatisfactory to me. The latex is too thick and does not fit tightly enough. Yes, ha ha ha, ho ho ho, I need a condom that fits snugly, infer from that what you please. But fuck it, I want a condom that fits properly. Furthermore, they smell weird. And, the lubricant that comes on them is not slippery enough, even on the so-called “ultra” lubricated kind.

Durex is a far, far better condom. They’re thinner, more sensitive, they don’t have a smell, and if I’m not mistaken they’re also less expensive. But they are definitely better quality.

Got that right, nasty, rubbery smelling bastards, ain’t they? Great if you want to make sure your roommate knows you got a piece, not so great if you don’t want your home smelling like condoms the rest of the night.

When I first started being sexually active, I went with Trojans and just thought that’s what condoms smelled like and felt like. I switched to Lifestyles, I may try Durex sometime, but I’ll never use Trojans again.

Thirded. Back when I was dating, they were the last choice. Kimono or Durex were always at hand at Casa Silenus. Trojans are a great football team, but a rotten condom.

When you’re about to get into some suspect pussy that you have NO idea how many dudes been in recently, Trojans are the way to go. It. will. protect. you. I’ll trust those before ultrathin latex and sheepskin.

Smell? What the fuck are you doing smelling your own condom?

I’m sure it’s because I need to get more sleep, but this post is making me laugh and laugh and laugh.

A man has to breathe, doesn’t he? Believe me, I’m not sticking my nose up to the thing on purpose.

Eau de Trojan is why I switched to Kimono.

My point is that it smells so strongly that you don’t need to actually smell it on purpose.

Where I come from, we call that odor “wet, dripping pussy juice.”

If you’re smelling pussy that exudes an odor of Trojan latex, may I suggest you double-bag your dick?

Seriously, Trojans STINK. You crack one of those open, and the aroma of latex fills the room.

The things made me develop an arousal association with the smell. I get embarrassed every time I walk into a tire department now.

More lube besides the stuff that comes on the condom or what your girl produces herself is generally a good idea with condoms anyway. I cannot speak to the scent of Trojans, however. Hmm, I can’t remember the smell of any condom, really, except for the Kiss of Mint Lifestyles. They were significantly closer to my nose than any other condom ever was, though.

Dude, have you used a fucking Trojan? Because if you have, then you know EXACTLY what we’re talking about here. Between the lube and the latex, they do. Not. Smell. Good. It gets on your hands. It gets on the girl. It gets on the sheets. You don’t have to put the condom under your damn nose to smell it. God bless you that you’ve never had to experience it.

That said, Trojans are my brand simply because they’re always available. I can’t always find Durex and I’ve had several bad experiences with Lifestyles. I’ve never once had a broken Trojan, so I like 'em in spite of the fact you could slam my dick in a car door with one on.

You know, if you are slightly more discriminating in your choice of partner, and stop going home with whatever skank is still upright at closing time, you won’t have to wrap your trousersnake in a steel-belted radial. :smiley:

Sorry for teh Google ad hijack, but we have “cure vaginal odor” and “dead animal removal.”

I laughed so hard at this thread I woke up the cats. Thanks, guys!

All in a night for far too many of the farmer folk.

BTW this thread makes insomnia so worth it lmao.

I would not reccomend a Trojan to a first timer. What a horrible way to be introduced to safe sex.

“It’s kinda warm, and you can tell things are happening, but there’s no real feeling.”

If I want to be objective, I need to try them all. So…

Trojans are’n even available in the Netherlands. Durex is the brand here. What did those companies do, split up the market?

Trojan: We’ll stay out of Europe if you’ll stay out of the US.
Durex: Fine with us. We make condoms to have good sex in, not to ward off child-support claims.