For you men out there, is sex with a condom still pleasurable?

I know that having sex without a condom beats sex with a condom every time. But is sex with a condom still fun? Does it still give you pleasure? Does it matter what type of condom it is?

It’s not bad. At least you don’t have to take the condom out to dinner and a movie first…

I hate to be that guy, but I am that guy. For me there is literally no sensation at all. There may be something wrong with me but I try not to think too hard about it.

(italics mine)well, there’s your problem, right there.

Yes, I still enjoy sex with a condom. I did most of my fucking in college with a condom.

Sure, it’s a far better sensation without, but no unexpected babies is better still.

It’s still sex, yeah?

Man, one time a bartender tried to give me a beer without a coaster. I threw it right in his face. Completely ruined.

Nothing wrong with it at all. I have some favorites and some not so favorite brands but none ever “ruined” it for me.

Sex with a condom is so bad I prefer non penetration, I’d rather have my penis on the outside with the bottom on top of labia than wear a condom. That provides better feelings than penetration with a condom, with a condom I often can’t even tell if penetration has occurred lol.

Some brands are WAY worse than others also.

I’m talking about in a committed relationship.

Just knowing that a woman wants to have sex with you is, by itself, already quite pleasurable, even without any actual physical contact at all.

The weird thing for me is that condoms actually cause me premature ejaculation. I don’t have that issue without it.

They are absolutely horrible. Can’t feel a damn thing with them.

Have you tried different types and sizes? I never managed to get off with a condom on until my then-girlfriend bought a larger size and it made a world of difference. Yes, I realize that sounds like stealth bragging but we’re not talking legendary porn sizes here. I know the regular ones can fit over a zucchini but that doesn’t mean the sensation is the same.

I haven’t had much sex in my life, as you may have read in other threads of mine. I have only had sex once without a condom, as this was post-vasectomy, and it seemed unlikely that I was exposing myself to anything else dangerous. I had no idea what it would feel like, and frankly it was like the shock of jumping into cold water, though not exactly unpleasant. In other case, I was completely unprepared, and did not last long at all (the long gap between my last sexual encounter and that one might have had something to do with it, as well).

So, I can’t say I minded condoms. I lasted plenty long enough, the conclusion was a nice reward for a good amount of effort, and I still felt plenty of sensation. On top of all that, I knew, courtesy of a Planned Parenthood brochure (among other things) that combining the use of a condom with coitus interruptus is virtually foolproof for preventing pregnancy. I cannot seem to climax in the female-superior position while using a condom, but that’s OK, as it’s great for her.

So yeah, it’s still pleasurable.

Very pleasurable. I’ve never seen the big deal, but maybe some of us are more sensitive than others.

It’s still pleasurable, but I was just with a woman and she was trying to convince me not to use one and I was so close…

It’s hard to force yourself to always be careful

Do not like as much, but can still climax.

They actually sell some with a “baggier” tip and the advertising reads that it’s supposed to help sensation.

Not being a man, I can’t really say whether it’s true or not.

I’d be interested to know the trends with the added dimension of circumcision. For myself (circumcised) sex with a condom has been almost as good as sex without, with the added bonus of being able to relax about STDs (since pregnancy was never an issue). I did once have a condom cause me to ejaculate prematurely, but it was one provided by the other party and it was both too thick and too small (or possibly just too thick and so not as stretchy as I was accustomed to). I agree with the idea of experimenting with different brands and styles, and then once you find the type you like, always bring your own.

In any case, I am curious whether the ones who don’t like condoms are circumcised or not. Maybe I’ll try a poll…

“Just knowing” doesn’t quite scratch the itch, though…

I vote “no” on this topic. I dislike condoms so much that I’ll turn an otherwise good porno off if I see a condom. Seeing a condom is so goddamn disappointing that the whole self-pleasure session is ruined. There is nobody in this world I’d be willing to wear a condom for.

No, not even her.