Guys, do you think about sex like this ?

Last night, I was talking to a friend about our ex-boyfriends and I remembered a few things some of them said to me.

In a conversation I had with one, he said sex made him feel powerful because, “he could stick it in me.” It somehow boosted his self-esteem.

A different ex told me at one time, he wanted me to go on the pill. He didn’t want to use condoms, because he liked to leave a part of himself in me.

Are these common thoughts among men ?


They are common thoughts among stupid, puerile men who have a lot of growing up to do.


You must attact some very aggressive, or at least extremely assertive, guys.

Agreed. These sound like pretty messed up individuals.

These guys were gone, just about as soon as they mentioned it.

I’m just wondering if they are common or just come from a handful of guys.

Whaa? Never had these thoughts myself.

I’d also have to say no.

They didn’t, by any chance, have mullets, did they?

…and loincloths?

The first comment: A very effective way to judge the character and merit of other people is through statements they make during pillow talk. Context is not necessary. For example, the phrase “stick it in me” is a dead giveaway that someone is puerile and stupid. Also, no adult human maintains any association between self-esteem and sex. This fellow may not pose an immediate danger to society, but maybe you’d better call the police and file a report just in case.

The second comment: In all seriousness, condoms are just one of those things. They’re awkward, they smell weird, and they take some time to get used to, but they make safer sex possible, and for that we are grateful to them. Maybe this guy needs to be educated about the risks of not using them.

      • Yea, somewhat. It’s a couple things: one is the general acceptance thing, like the whole “spitting or swallowing”. The other reason is that condoms are a bother, no matter what mood you’re in–they’re just no way to make using them romantic. …Of course it can also be noted that BC pills are a bother too, and of course unexpected children are Olympic-class bothers… so really you just have to reach an agreement. But dating one girl at a time, I prefer not having to wear a showercap while washing my hair, so to speak.

-Yea, because the last thing women want is a total animal in the bedroom… :rolleyes:

…yeesh, they both make sense to me.

That’s practical but unromatic, and he was speaking romantically. Romantically, it feels much more intimate to fully “leave a part of you” inside of someone (or the other way around) than to pull back all of your flinged woo in a saftey bag and discard it at the end.

Are you serious? I don’t even know where to begin on this one! I can just throw out anything random like “breast implants” as an example to deflate that crazy statement!

pizzabrat, the entire first paragraph of my post was intended sarcastically. I stand by the second paragraph, though. Even if it is a little unromantic.

By the way, my sarcastic intent was not directed toward the OP, but rather the harshly judgemental posts that followed.


You date some weird guys.


A friend’s ex-boyfriend once confided in me that not only could he not imagine being gay, but he also couldn’t imagine being female because he didn’t like the idea of being entered during sex. He seemed to suggest that it would make him feel powerless, even weak. Glad I’m not the one who picked him out of the bunch!

Oh. Heh. That’s why you said “in all seriousness” in the second paragraph.